Sectec (SCT240) Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing

Product Code: SCT240

A sophisticated controlled pedestrian access option for high-traffic areas is the Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing. It provides security with a contemporary look thanks to its wide wings and cylindrical pedestal.

Key Features

  • Cylindrical Pedestal
    Ensuring long-lasting performance, the sturdy stainless steel pedestal provides dependable support and durability.
  • Heavy-duty Design
    Made with sturdy 1.2 mm thick stainless steel and 10 mm tempered plexiglass wings, this item is sure to last a long time and provide security.
  • Broad Wing
    Using 10mm tempered plexiglass, the wide wings provide a strong barrier and improved vision.
  • Bi-Directional Motor Wing
    High-traffic regions can effectively regulate access with smooth operation in both directions.
  • Adjustable Functions
    The adjustable switching time and direction, automated closure, and audio alerts provide flexible security management.
  • Emergency Response
    User safety is prioritised in an emergency because automatic wing opening guarantees a quick and safe evacuation.

Presenting the Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing, which is expertly designed to control access with strength and grace. The cylindrical pedestal of this gate is evidence of its strong construction and steadfast support. The large wings, strengthened with 10 mm tempered plexiglass, act as strong barriers that provide security and visibility.

The gates are driven by a bi-directional motor that moves smoothly, allowing people to move through busy areas with ease. Access control becomes customised with programmable features like time and direction switches, automatic closure, and sound alerts. The gate’s emergency reaction mechanism activates in an emergency, guaranteeing quick escape pathways with automated wing openings.

The swing gate uses very little power and is powered by a dependable 110/220V AC supply. It has a power supply mechanism that filters electrical line disturbances. This gate is a security guardian, transitioning in only two seconds and with a degree of safety that discourages illegal entry.

Sectec SCT240 offers efficiency and versatility. It is outfitted with bidirectional LED panels, choices for embossing a logo, and interoperability with many access control systems. Raise the bar for security with this elegant combination of robustness and usability, designed to easily protect your property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of environments is the Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing best suited for?

The Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing is suitable for sites with high foot traffic like trade centres, schools, or banks. It’s meant to manage access and provide security, fulfilling industry requirements for durability.

Can you provide more details about the adjustable functions mentioned, such as switching time and directions? How flexible are these settings?

The gate’s parameters, such as the direction and switching time, may be precisely adjusted to meet your demands. Because of their flexibility, you may customise these parameters to meet your needs.

How does the emergency response mechanism work, and what specific scenarios trigger the automatic wing opening?

The gate automatically opens in both directions during an emergency to provide quick entrance or evacuation. It reacts quickly to different crisis situations and gives everyone a safe way out.

Could you elaborate on the compatibility of the gate with various access control systems? Are there any specific integration requirements?

The gate readily connects with multiple access control systems, enabling adaptability in implementation. There are no severe integration requirements, making it suitable for a wide range of systems for better security measures.

Can you provide information on the power consumption of the gate and how it handles electrical line fluctuations?

With its 110/220V AC power supply, this gate uses very little energy both in standby and operation. It has a power supply system that filters variations in the electrical line, guaranteeing longevity and reliable operation.

What kind of maintenance or servicing schedule is recommended for ensuring the long-lasting performance of the Sectec SCT240 gate?

It is advised to have frequent service performed in order to keep performance at its best. This maximises protection for your property and minimises downtime by ensuring the gate’s durability and dependability over time.

Are there any optional features or customisation options available for the gate, such as logo engraving or additional security enhancements?

Customisation possibilities include logo engraving on the wings, stickers, remote control units, and reading equipment. These features improve security and add a customised touch to meet your unique needs.

Can you describe the installation process for the Sectec SCT240 gate? Are there any specific requirements or considerations for installation in different environments?

There are no particular prerequisites for different settings, thus installation is simple. The gate is simple to install in a variety of locations, making deployment and operation hassle-free.

What kind of warranty or support options are available for the Sectec SCT240 gate?

A complete warranty and support options are included with the Sectec SCT240 gate. For any concerns or questions about the upkeep and functioning of the gate, you can count on prompt, expert assistance.

Where can we purchase the Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing?

You can purchase Sectec SCT240 Swing Gate Cylinder Broad Wing from Stebilex Systems, the top supplier in the Middle East and GCC region. For further information, you can easily connect with our sales team.

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