Sectec (SCT230) Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing

Product Code: SCT230

The Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing is a sophisticated pedestrian access control solution. Its 10mm tempered plexiglass, sturdy stainless steel body, and bi-directional motor wing will protect your area. Enjoy features like emergency response capabilities, customisable settings, and interoperability with other access control systems.

Key Features

  • Flawless Performance
    Experience easy access with a motor wing that can move in both directions, guaranteeing quick and effective transit through the cylindrical Pedestal gate.
  • Heavy-duty Design
    Made with sturdy 1.2 mm thick stainless steel and 10 mm tempered plexiglass wings, this item is sure to last a long time and provide security.
  • All-Climate Performance
    Able to operate at temperatures ranging from -20°C to +68°C, or even -50°C when equipped with a heater, this device has an IP54 rating (which may be upgraded to IP56).
  • Customised Features
    For increased security and convenience, tailor your experience with programmable switching times and directions, automatic closing, and loud alerts.
  • Harmonious Integration
    With extra capabilities for even more management, this system is compatible with a wide range of access control units and token systems and is simple to handle using LAN or RS232-485 communication.

The Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing is an excellent option for controlling access and boosting security in busy places like banks, schools, and retail malls. Precisely designed, these swing gates provide strong entry control, preventing unwanted access and guaranteeing easy passage for authorised staff.

Constructed with an emphasis on practicality, the cylindrical pedestal bears witness to its robustness and effectiveness. Driven by a bi-directional motor wing, it guarantees smooth operation in both directions, allowing entry quickly without sacrificing security. The 10 mm tempered plexiglass wing offers an additional layer of strength, while the body, made of premium 1.2 mm thick stainless steel, ensures resistance against abrasion.

The SCT230 is built to survive a variety of situations. It has an IP54 rating (with an IP56 operating option) and functions perfectly in temperatures between -20°C and +68°C (it may be extended to -50°C with a heater). Its adaptable features include automatic closure, programmable switching times and orientations, and an audio alert for extra security.

The emergency feature of the gate activates in an emergency, enabling automatic opening in either direction and guaranteeing prompt entry or evacuation when it’s most needed.

A 110/220V – 50/60 Hz AC power supply with low usage (24V DC standby 12W max 60W 7W max 14W) and effective filtering to handle electrical line variations powers this complex system. It gives access control both speed and precision with an amazing opening-closing speed of under 2 seconds and a transition range of 900 mm.

When it comes to safety, the SCT230 doesn’t cut corners. Users may navigate with confidence thanks to its bidirectional double-colour LED panel indications and safety measures that are on par with deterrents. Stickers, a remote control device for increased convenience, and brand engraving on the wings are examples of personalisation choices.

Integrating the SCT230 into current security configurations is simple considering it is compatible with a broad variety of access control units and token systems. Additionally, extra features give unmatched versatility and control and are simple to handle via LAN or RS232-485 interface.

With the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing, you can experience the very best of access control. This combination of security, dependability, and innovation is designed to meet the needs of contemporary situations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions and weight specifications of the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing?

The transition range of the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate Cylinder Narrow Wing is 900 mm. With a 1.2mm thick body and 10mm tempered plexiglass wings, it is made of sturdy stainless steel that guarantees longevity without sacrificing security. It is 12 to 14 kg in weight.

Can you provide more details on the compatibility of the gate with various access control systems? Are there any specific brands or protocols it works best with?

The Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate is compatible with a wide range of access control systems and works well with token systems and access control units. It provides versatility, collaborating well with various brands and protocols to guarantee seamless functioning and improved security in a range of settings.

How does the emergency function work, and what are the protocols for activating it?

The Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate opens automatically in an emergency to provide quick exit or access. The gate’s bi-directional motor wing opens in either direction in the event of a crisis, giving people a safe route and warning staff in the vicinity with audio alerts.

Could you elaborate on the installation process? Are there any specific requirements or considerations for different environments?

The SCT230 Swing Gate may be easily installed in a variety of settings and is easy to use. Because it allows for sticker customisation and brand engraving on the wings, it doesn’t require a complicated setup. Professionals guarantee a seamless installation, taking into account certain environmental conditions for maximum efficiency.

Can the gate be customised to fit specific branding or aesthetic requirements? What options are available for customisation?

Customisation possibilities for the SCT230 Swing Gate allow it to match certain brands or aesthetic tastes. It meets a variety of design requirements, ranging from sticker customisation to brand engraving on wings, boosting the gate’s aesthetic appeal while upholding strict security guidelines.

What kind of maintenance is required for the SCT230 Swing Gate, and are there any ongoing service agreements available?

The SCT230 Swing Gate operates with minimal maintenance, guaranteeing trouble-free performance. To keep performance at its best, surface cleaning and routine component inspection are sufficient. In order to guarantee the gate’s continued operation and durability, there are also options for continuous service agreements.

Could you provide more information on the IP54 and IP56 ratings? How do they ensure durability and performance in different environmental conditions?

The Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate is guaranteed to last and function well in a variety of environmental situations thanks to its IP54 and IP56 standards. These standards guarantee dependable performance even in challenging areas like outdoor installations or industrial settings by certifying resistance to dust, water, and other external factors.

Is training provided for staff or technicians responsible for operating and maintaining the gate?

To use and maintain the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate, personnel and technicians get thorough training. This makes sure that the gate is operated expertly, maximising its effectiveness while putting safety and security procedures first.

What kind of warranty or guarantee is offered with the purchase of the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate?

Accompanying the purchase of the Sectec SCT230 Swing Gate is a warranty or guarantee that provides assurance of performance and quality. Customers may feel confident in their investment and at ease knowing that manufacturing flaws are covered by this warranty, which also guarantees quick resolution of any problems.

Can you provide examples of previous installations or case studies where the SCT230 Swing Gate has been successfully deployed?

The SCT230 Swing Gate has been successfully used in a number of industries, including banks, schools, public buildings, and retail centres. These installations demonstrate how well the gate restricts access and boosts security; each case study emphasises how flexible and dependable the gate is in a range of settings.

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