Covid-19 has dramatically changed workplaces and public spaces. As offices and public facilities implement new processes, time management and reassign areas accessible to staff and visitors to ensure safety, the solutions they adopt vary from simple to high-tech technologies.

However, for small and medium offices most frequently touched surfaces are access control readers using biometrics, door switches and locks, and that is precisely where many of the new technology advancements are happening. Regardless of how and when the COVID situation stretches into the future, companies are investing in reducing the common touchpoints as far as possible to minimise the spread of the virus.

Automated Openings

automatic door

The most common solutions seen around the world are automated entrance systems, be it revolving doors, swing/sliding doors, or exterior gates and barriers. Automated doors and gates enabled with personal identification and authentication systems ensure unobtrusive access control to facilities.

Door Opening:

No touch door access is part of a variety of access control automation projects, security manufacturers have been producing censored automated doors and touchless exit switches for years, but recently these doors are upgraded with temperature sensors.
In the office set up, touchless exit buttons powered with infrared sensors have been reducing hand-to-door contact. Users simply wave their hands in front of these sensors to open doors; thus, minimizing high-frequency touchpoints and ultimately reducing the spread of germs.

FAAC A951 Automation for internal doors (105951)
FAAC A951 Swing Internal Door Operator
GEM Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 Door Operator

Exit Buttons

GEM Wave Sense Infrared Exit Device – RTS-900
GEM Wave Sense Infrared Exit Device – RTS 860
FAAC Touch Free XMS Buttons
FAAC Touch Free XMS Buttons
VirDi EB 030 Non-Contact Exit Button
smart phone access control softwares

Smartphone access:

Smartphone access control is fast replacing proximity cards, the access control readers automatically interact with credentials saved in the app via Bluetooth connectivity, thus requiring no physical contact with readers or doors. The result is a touch-free, hassle-free walk-through experience that requires no contact with phone nor reader.

ViRDI Mobile Key -Smartphone Credential
Paxton Key for Paxton10
thermal scanning

Temperature Screening:

Temperature screening technologies, be it infrared sensors integrated to camera or door sensors is the new normal in most of the public facilities. Manufacturers are coming up with upgrades to existing hardware and software to include these features. The temperature sensing system is often integrated with access control to allow or deny access to a person as well as to unlock doors.

paxton software Laptop tablet and smartphone on white table
Paxton Net2 COVID-19 Thermal Scan Integration
ViRDI UBio-X Pro2
Thermoteknix FevIR Scan 2 Skin Temperature Measurement System
contactless biometrics

Touchless Biometrics (Facial Recognition):

Facial recognition has definitely gained a foothold in many industries. Some of the leading facial recognition device manufacturing companies in the world such as IDEMIA, Iris ID, VirDI have been coming up with several transformational facial recognition technology based devices amidst the pandemic in order to provide safe contactless access authentication.

If you’ve got a big facility with hundreds of people coming in and out, it’s just awkward to have a human screening each entrant. Most facial recognition tech today come with multiple face reading and temperature sensing as well.

ViRDI UBio -X Face Contactless Face Recognition System
IrisTime from Iris ID
IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition (supports 20,000 users, 3D facial recognition)
IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition
automate gates and motors

Automated Gates:

So many organisations forget another common touchpoint, the parking and gate access. Most facilities require entrants to use a switch or card swipe for building access. Automating external perimeter is a great way to reduce manned security points as well as controlling both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Automatic Operators enabled with sensors for boom gates, sliding gates and swing gates are designed for applications where vehicles and pedestrians traverse frequently. Most gates with sensors require no physical contact and allow free passage.

GBF1500-1600 swing and slide automatic entrances - 105565
FAAC GBF1500-1600 swing and slide automatic entrances
FAAC B614 Automatic Vehicle Barrier
FAAC B614 Automatic Vehicle Barrier
FAAC B680H Vehicle Barrier
FAAC B680H Vehicle Hybrid Gate Barrier (Automatic)
Centurion Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector – FLUX

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