The year 2020 has forced the business to reinvent how they manage facilities and people. Paxton Access, a leading door access control manufacturer has been introducing new solutions throughout the year to enhance COVID-secure updates for its access management software Net2 to include many features like occupancy management, thermal scanning, checkpoint access etc, as well as online training and apps to assist installers in product installation and maintenance.

With many of the practices in the current time expected to continue, at least for the foreseeable future the technology solutions that ensure social distancing and regulations to scan temperature in public areas is expected to stay here.


Net2 COVID-secure updates

Net2 Pro has seen a number of COVID-secure updates they reduce the risk of spreading the virus in crowded areas and buildings. Over the last few months, Paxton has released new versions of Net2 software that allows Flexible Access Permissions, Occupancy Management, Checkpoint Control, and Thermal Scanner integrations.

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Paxton Installer app

The latest solution by Paxton was the Paxton Installer App that is uniquely developed to provide seamless access to product guides, installation manuals and product information for installers.


Here are a few important highlights from Paxton at a glance

April 2020 – Paxton rolled out its free online training programme

Paxton came up with free online training for their customers and installers during the Pandemic. The company also launched an online resource of all their materials in one place, making it simple for their customers to get access to their knowledge base, tutorial videos, case studies and promotional content.


May 2020 – Paxton Net2.v6.03 Access Control Software Update

Net2.v6.03 came with many updates to make remote management and security of more than one site simple for administrators. The version allowed browser-based and app-based management, thus minimising the need for site visits. These updates were in line with social changes that may be ahead.

Notable updates

  • Locks down your building or site with just touch of a button and can quickly disable user access
  • Determines site areas users can access by creating exclusion zones
  • Opens a door directly from your device wherever you are
  • It automates access to control the movement of people at specific times
  • Comes with event filters that find specific events for site management

July 2020 – Net2 Occupancy Management

The version v6.04 of Net2 features Net2 Occupancy Management which allows limiting the number of people in any given area. The software notifies users via an email to notify the administrator or deny access on-site when space nears capacity. The building areas can be separated using occupancy management function as required.

Notable updates

  • Ensure safe social distancing is maintained by setting and controlling the number of people allowed in a particular area
  • Real-time visual reports viewable on a web-based report on a smartphone, tablet, PC or widescreen wall display
  • Dynamic control, the software sets alerts and prevents user access when maximum capacity reached
  • Administrators can easily set and manage multiple areas simultaneously, with specific occupancy levels per area
  • It can also support one-in-one-out user access when people numbers are high

September 2020 – Net2 Checkpoint Control

The Checkpoint Control supports COVID-secure sites to protect employees and staff by assigning temporary access levels. The access restrictions remain in place until they have either been manually validated or badged through a specific door.

Thus allowing system administrators to ensure staff and visitors pass a designated checkpoint at a frequency that can be configured to suit the business requirements. Should there be an emergency, this functionality allows selected people to enter an area.

October 2020 – Paxton Installer App

Paxton’s Installer app is designed as a centralized platform giving installers and system administrators instant access to key information they might need while installing and managing Paxton products and solutions on the go. The simple-to-use pocket tool provides digital access to Paxton’s Knowledge Base.

November 2020 – Paxton Net2 COVID-19 Thermal Scan Integration

The new thermal scanning integrations compliment Paxton’s recent software updates: Occupancy Management, Flexible Access Permissions, and Checkpoint Control.

The following thermal scanners have been tested to work with Net2

  • Suprema FaceStation 2
  • Dahua Thermal Temperature Station
  • Hikvision Face Recognition Terminal
  • ZKTeco SpeedFace Terminal
  • Videocon Thermal Analysis System
  • Genie Detection Terminal
  • Invixium Titan Facial Reader

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