Centurion Inductive Loop Vehicle Detector – FLUX

Centurion FLUX range is single-channel inductive loop detectors designed for vehicle access applications that come in standalone as well as in an 11-digit pin model. CENTSYS FLUX is highly responsive and uses sophisticated software algorithms that prevent false triggering.

Key Features

  • Very fast detection speed for quick response times
  • Easy to install and commission
  • Permanent Presence feature to prevent unintended barrier

FLUX is easy to install and features easy-to-dip switches and visual and audible feedback on loop operation status while configuration. The detector also comes with a selectable Permanent Presence feature that prevents unintended closures, as well as offers the convenience of keeping the gates open at select times of the day. FLUX also comes with Automatic Sensitivity Boost which can automatically differentiate between vehicles of various heights to optimally operate when vehicles are approaching.

The FLUX 11 version with the 11-pin model is available in both a low-voltage 12V DC variant as well as a powerful 230V AC model, making it an extremely versatile access control solution and eliminating the need for expensive transformers or time-consuming rewiring. The standardised version allows for usage with any existing 11-pin connector base.

The detectors come in compact and easy to open housing that allows easy maintenance. The FLUX range use cases include free-exit loops, safety loops, closing loops for traffic barriers, arming loops for access control equipment, and general vehicle sensing applications.

You can order FLUX induction loop detectors in the region from Stebilex Systems. Talk to our products team to know more about LUX range and its integration with third-party systems.

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