SCT210 Swing Gate Broad Wing

The Sectec SCT210 Swing Gate Broad Wing is meant to regulate entry and boost security in high-traffic areas like banks, schools, and trade centres. Thanks to the use of robust stainless steel and tempered plexiglass, it satisfies industrial standards and is robust.

Key Features

  • Effective Performance
    Easy movement is guaranteed by the bi-directional motor wing.
  • Solid Construction
    1.2 mm thick stainless steel is employed in construction for durability.
  • Unobstructed Viewability
    Security and visibility are offered by 10mm tempered plexiglass.
  • Climate Resistance
    Operationally IP56, although rated IP54 for dust and water resistance.
  • Adjustable Features
    For better control, features including audio alert, automated closure, and programmable switching times and directions are included.

The Sectec SCT210 Swing Gate with Broad Wings is the best option available for controlling access and boosting security in busy locations such as public buildings, trade centres, and schools. These gates are long-lasting and made to fulfil industrial requirements.

The SCT210, which has bi-directional motor wings, is strong and visible thanks to its broad 10 mm tempered plexiglass wings and robust 1.2 mm thick stainless steel body. It can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, running smoothly between -20°C and +68°C (and even down to -50°C with the heater) thanks to its IP54 classification, which can be upgraded to IP56.

With programmable switching times and directions, automated closure, and an audio alert for extra protection, functionality is crucial. The wings may automatically open in either direction during an emergency, guaranteeing a quick escape if necessary. With a standby power usage of 24V DC and a dependable 110/220V AC power source, the SCT210 is an energy-efficient and dependable device. Consistent performance is ensured by its power supply technology, which filters electrical line fluctuations.

This gate provides accessibility and efficiency with a large transition range of 900 mm and operates at a breakneck pace of 2 seconds for each opening-closing cycle. Deterrent-level security measures and bidirectional double-colour LED indicators prioritise safety and provide unambiguous instruction.

With choices for stickering, engraving your brand, and an integrated remote control device, customisation is at your fingertips. With extra functionalities that may be controlled by RS232-485 or a LAN network, the SCT210 is compatible with a range of access control devices and token systems. With the Sectec SCT210 Swing Gate, security and efficiency are combined in a stylish manner to provide smooth access management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum traffic capacity of the Sectec SCT210 Swing Gate Broad Wing?

The Sectec SCT210 Swing Gate Broad Wing has a maximum weight capacity that makes it appropriate for environments with high traffic, such as banks, trade centres, or schools.

Can the gate be customised to fit specific architectural or branding requirements?

Yes, the gate provides customisation choices to ensure a customised fit and a smooth integration with architectural or branding requirements.

How easy is it to integrate the gate with existing access control systems?

The gate offers hassle-free compatibility for faster operations and is easy to integrate with current access control systems.

Are there any ongoing maintenance requirements for the gate?

The gate requires very little continuous maintenance, so it will continue to operate and be reliable for a long time.

Can the gate be programmed to restrict access during certain times or for specific individuals?

Yes, indeed! Enhancing security measures, the gate may be readily set to control entry during certain periods or for specific persons.

Does the gate come with any warranty or service agreements?

You may relax knowing that the gate is supported for continuous operation and comes with warranty and service agreements.

Are there any installation requirements or considerations that need to be addressed?

The installation requirements are simple, taking into account the best location and compatibility with the current infrastructure.

What additional security features does the gate offer beyond the audible alarm?

In addition to its audible alert, the gate has other security elements that provide a strong barrier against unwanted entry.

Can the gate be operated manually in case of power outages or emergencies?

The gate may be manually opened in the event of an emergency or power loss, offering a fail-safe option for continuous operation.

Is technical support available for troubleshooting or assistance with setup?

Users are guaranteed a seamless and easy experience with the availability of technical help for troubleshooting and setup assistance. You can get in touch with the Stebilex sales team for more assistance.

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