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One of the leading manufacturers for access control and pedestrian management products. PERCo is a Russian brand renowned for its speed gates, half-height & full turnstiles with matching railing systems, as well as IP-based entrance and access management solutions.

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About PERCo

As a part of its brand philosophy, PERCo has a stringent multilevel quality management system that promises high quality throughout production stages and service.

PERCo has 33-years of expertise in security systems manufacturing and offers high-quality products in compliance with applicable Russian and European CE standards. Certifications of PERCo complies to ISO 9001:2015, IQNet Certificate, Accredia Certificate.

The company’s facilities are equipped with sophisticated machines at all its factories at home and in Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for premium security brands in the Middle East and Africa selling products from top brands in the access control and physical security sector. We supply PERCo’s turnstiles, gates, electromechanical locks, and access control systems at great prices across the region through our offices in Dubai, UAE, and Doha Qatar.

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Compact Tripod Turnstiles

Compact design, reasonable price, and proven high reliability make PERCo compact tripod turnstile one of the most commonly used gates for entry control by businesses and public facilities.

Buy PERCo TTR-10AK Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo TTR-10AT Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo TTR-08A Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo TTR-07 Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo TTR-04.1 Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo TTR-04CW Tripod TurnstileBuy PERCo T-5 Tripod Turnstile

Speed Gate Turnstiles

The speed gates from PERCo are stylishly designed and can be integrated with barcode scanner and facial recognition units.

Buy PERCo ST-01 Speed gateBuy PERCo ST-01 Speed Gate with Card CaptureBuy PERCo ST-01 Speed Gate with Barcode Reader Panel

Waist-High Rotor Turnstiles

Best for use as automatic rotation gates Waist-high rotor turnstiles from PERCo are ideal solutions for high passage areas.

Buy PERCo RTD-03S Waist-high Rotor Turnstile (RB-03TP)Buy PERCo RTD-03S Waist-high Rotor Turnstile (Built-in RB-03S)

Railing Systems

Used for streamlining passage inside a facility PERCo’s railing systems combined with turnstiles and gates enable to make the entrance style complete.

Buy PERCo BH-06 Tempered Glass RailingBuy PERCo MB-15 Full Height RailingBuy PERCo MB-16 Full Height Railing

Meet Intelligent Access Control Systems & Reliable Accessories from PERCo


IP-Based Entrance Control Systems

IP-based turnstiles or IP-Stile from PERCo are turnkey solutions for businesses that provide a complete ensemble of readers and controllers requiring minimal installation cost. Up to 8 CL201 lock controllers with built-in readers can be connected to one IP-Stile.

Buy PERCo KT-02.9 IP-Stile with Built-in Access Reader & ControllerBuy PERCo KT05.9A IP-Stile with Access Reader & ControllerBuy PERCo KT-08.3A IP-Stile with Access Reader & Controller

Electromechanical Locks

PERCo’s electromechanical mortise locks are designed to operate with one door controller or as a part of a comprehensive access control system. Both LB-series and LC-series locks from PERCo are made for indoor application and are offered in sleek looking design.

Featured Products: LB85.3, LB85.4, LB72.3, LB72.4, LBP85.1,
LBP85.2, LC85.3, LC85.4, LC72.3, LC72.4


PERCo controllers have ISO certification and EU declarations of conformity undergo multi-level quality control to provide efficient access control management.
Featured Products: CR01 T&A Controller, CT/L04.2 Multipurpose controller, CL201.1 Lock controller, CL05.1 Lock controller, Suprema Biometric controller, C-01 Controller for online systems


PERCo produces two product lines of readers, with the difference being interface type. Readers with RS-485 interface are used only within PERCo-Web system, while readers with Wiegand interface can be used as a part of majority access control systems by third-party manufacturers.
Featured Products: IR-10 Long Range Card Reader for vehicle entry checkpoints, IRP-01 Reader post, IR03 Proximity card reader, IR04 Proximity card reader

Access Control Systems

PERCo’s web-based access control management software PERCo-Web enables convenient business processes by enhancing security and workforce management. It is easy to use just like a usual web browser and can be run on any device including a PC, Tablet, or smartphone.
Featured Products: PERCo-Web Access control system

What Makes PERCo Products Lead the Turnstile and Pedestrian Systems Market?

State-of-the-art Manufacturing Facilities

PERCo designs and engineers world-class turnstile gates and access control systems by utilizing multilevel quality management systems present in its world-class manufacturing facilities.

Integration Capabilities

All product lines of PERCo right from turnstiles, gates, railing systems to electromechanical locks and access control systems are easy to integrate and offer optimum performance.

Customer-Oriented Innovation Strategy

PERCo leads the security systems market with its unique and redefining customer-focused innovation strategy. This makes all its products easy to use and safe for everyone.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is PERCo based?

PERCo is based in Russian and a leading manufacturer of security systems and equipment.

What are the industries served by PERCo?

Corporate offices, factories, hospitality, public spaces, and private facilities are some of the most popular industries served by PERCo.

What products does PERCo offer?

PERCo manufacturers a wide range of products right from turnstiles, gates, and railing systems to readers, controllers, and access control systems.

What are the industries PERCo serves?

Corporate offices, factories, hospitality, public spaces, and private facilities are some of the most popular industries served by PERCo.

How to buy PERCo products?

Stebilex Systems is a premier supplier of Centurion products in UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

What is the warranty period of PERCo products?

All PERCo products come with a warranty period of 5 years.