PERCo RTD-16.2S Full Height Rotor Turnstile (Bidirectional passage, IP54 protection, 20 person/minute)

PERCo RTD-16.2S, full height rotor turnstile, ensures high-level of security by complete closure of passageway and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. RTD-16.2S manages pedestrian flows and access control at entrance points. It can be operated from the remote control panel, which is included in a standard delivery set or wireless remote control.

Key Features

  • Comes with built-in electronics
  • Operates with a remote-control panel
  • Options for protective canopy and foundation frame

PERCo RTD-16.2S full height turnstile provides protection against climbing over it and can be supplied with an optional protective canopy. Three RTD-16.2S can be installed back-to-back without gaps and transition elements. Suitable for indoor use, RTD 16S is provided with bright built-in LED indicators to show if access is granted or not, it also allows relay lighting indicators. The turnstile can be set to operate independently for each passage direction by access control systems, RTD-16.2S is supplied with an anti-backup device that prevents reverse rotation, once the rotor has turned more than 60°.

The RTD-16.2S offers 20 passages/minute in pulse mode and 30 passages/minute free passage mode. The RTD-16.2S comes with “Fire Alarm” input to unblock the turnstile, it also comes with two built-in mechanical release locks – one for each passage direction. It can support pulse or continuous control modes. The turnstile is energy efficient and features an IP54 protection rating, which makes it highly reliable. You can order PERCo’s full height turnstiles including RTD-16.2S from Stebilex Systems in the middle east for attractive prices. Talk to our product experts today.

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