With the advancement in Artificial Intelligence and biometric technologies, facial recognition has made out of movies like Mission Impossible to the real-world, where staff and visitors use it every day to access entry to offices and other organisations. Facial recognition systems compare live captured images or videos of individuals with an image on record for that person. Most facial recognition systems use the nodal points (detection points) on the face to measure various features such as width/length of the nose, the shape of the face, and depth of eye socket etc, which is saved as a person’s faceprint.

Social and health benefits no-touch recognition:

Facial recognition systems have been immensely helpful in providing secure access control and safe environments. It simplifies access control for users by eliminating the requirement for a smart card or fob based credentials, which needs to be carried by users. Because the face cannot be duplicated it cannot be lost or faked, with advanced AI algorithms the facial recognition terminals can differentiate live faces and masks. The facial recognition systems can also be used for time and attendance functionality by setting other parameters like doors open control, allowed access time periods for certain people etc.

Social and health benefits of facial recognition:

Facial recognition access control systems offer an access control solution that is non-contact, and therefore more hygienic and easy to use. Unlike contact based biometrics and security solutions, the facial recognition system is immune to contagious germs. With recent developments, facial recognition has already proven a promising solution to replace contact-based systems. Especially at airport boarding gates, security screening points and at check-in gates.

Facial recognition has been very promising for applications in law and order and social safety in finding missing persons and spotting listed criminals in a crowd. And allows identifying persons of interest to automatically alert security officials withing seconds. A great example of facial recognition at work was seen, in April 2019, the Sichuan Provincial Public Security Department in China, found a 13-year-old girl using face recognition technology. The girl had gone missing in 2009. Studies also suggest that nearly 60% Americans polled in 2019 accepting the use of face recognition by law enforcement to enhance public safety.

Iris Recognition: An economic option for access control and Time & Attendance:

Many businesses across the globe are beginning to adopt no-touch biometrics for access control and Iris recognition has been proving to be one of the most reliable biometric solutions during the COVID 19 pandemic. They have been considered very practical as wearing mast or scarf or even spectacles does not affect the capturing and authentication process.

Iris recognition can accurately identify people with just their eyes it works with everyday masks, medical mask, goggles, and head coverings, used in healthcare to manufacturing sectors. It’s fast accurate and easy to use. The human iris is data-rich and more than 250 data points it’s stable and does not change with age.

Manual labour damages fingerprints, but not the iris and it works with gloves. Hence is one of the best solutions for keeping your employees and visitors safe.

Featured Solution

IrisTime from Iris ID

Iris ID the global leader in Iris recognition solutions for security, access control and time&attendance has recently launched the revolutionary IrisTime Platform for businesses looking to upgrade to no-touch biometrics.

IrisTime is a customizable biometric time and attendance platform consisting iT100, multi-biometric terminal that offers completely non-contact enrolment and attendance solution for the organisation be it small or big. With a simple to use android based interface and automatic tilting camera, the iT100 enables automatic recognition.

Using both iris and facial recognition, the solution provides unmatched convenience. The iT100 terminal features automatic face and iris detection​ and automatic til function that allows easy capture of face for people having different heights, the camera offer +/- 25 degrees tilt.

In addition to the unmatchable detection range of 24 inches (2 ft) and easy interface, the iT100 comes with preloaded free time management software – IrisTime™, which offers a built-in App, the iTMS Solution and also provides a development environment for the application developers.

Other Facial/Iris Solutions from Stebilex

IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition (supports 20,000 users, 3D facial recognition)
IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition
  • Wide-angle detection for persons of all sizes (1.20-2.00m)
  • Touchless face sensor with contactless reader option
  • Internal storage capacity for 20,000 user records extendable up to 40,000

Iris ID iT100 Enrolment and Identification Terminal

Buy Iris ID iCAM D1000 Identity Access System

Iris ID iCAM D1000

  • Takes ISO standard iris images in less than one second
  • Captures face and iris from 75cm away and has Auto Zoom & Auto Focus
  • Dual Iris & Face capture in less than 2 to 3 seconds
ViRDI UBio - X Pro Advanced Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (150,000 face templates/second, 2GB RAM, 5in LCD, Card reading)

Virdi UBio X Pro Face


Suprema FaceLite Compact Face Recognition Terminal – FL-DB

  • Infra-red based fake face blocking technology (Live Face Detection)
  • FaceLite achieves up to 25,000 lx of Operation Illuminance
  • Suprema’s innovative optical technology is designed to adapt to various environments

Suprema FaceStation 2 Smart Face Recognition Terminal – FS2-D

  • FaceStation 2 supports up to 30,000 users
  • Clear face reading in both daylight and low light situations with up to 25,000 lx of operating illuminance
  • IR illumination and optical technique that detects fake faces

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