Today, barriers play a very important role in managing access and stopping the unauthorised entry of vehicles at both residential and commercial areas. However, while selecting a barrier, you have to look at a number of factors. Once you decide the purpose of use, you will have to pick the brand, model, functionality and most importantly, the type of power unit you are going to deploy.

Being a world leader in vehicle traffic management solutions, FAAC manufactures a wide range of barriers and bollard solutions. Here is a simple to understand the comparison of FAAC’ leading barrier gates B680H and B614. You can always talk to us for more information.

FAAC B614 Automatic Barrier

What’s Great About FAAC B614 Automatic Gate Barrier

Offers maximum anti-crushing safety

FAAC’s B614 barrier’s integrated encoder offers better motion control and anti-crushing safety to avoid potential accidents in industrial and commercial zones. It enables the gate barrier to reverse direction when an obstacle unknowingly gets in the way.

Reliable battery backup

The in-built nickel-metal hydride battery offers high performance and great battery backup to ensure successful operation during a power failure or outage. Thereby reducing potential security threats that happen often during power blackouts.

Easy to install and configure

The FAAC barrier is easy to install and configure on all types of sites. The installation process requires four components: foundation plate, rectangular/ round beam, fixing pocket, and single/double balancing spring.

The FAAC B614 barrier is an electromechanical unit integrated with all required electronic parts in the top portion of the barrier body. The high-performance electromechanical barrier meets a wide range of application requirements and is suitable for both residential and commercial use. The barrier is ideal for residential and commercial parking zones.



  • Maximum Anti-crushing safety
  • Speed adjustment and smooth operation
  • The integrated control unit in the upper part of the barrier body

FAAC B680H Hybrid Gate Barrier

What’s Great About FAAC B680H Hybrid Gate Barrier

Ability to switch power supply

The redefining FAAC B680H gate barrier is highly energy-efficient and allows you to switch power supply between 100V and 240V. This ensures safe barrier operation during infrequent and sudden voltage changes.

Comes with an integrated absolute encoder

The integrated absolute encoder ensures smooth movement of the beam. Plus it also reverses the direction when an obstacle gets in the way by mistake to avoid potential problems.

Built with durable springs

FAAC’s product development team designed the gate barrier with highly durable, everlasting springs that can sustain up to 2,000,000 cycles without any problems and no complex maintenance requirements.

Meanwhile, the FAAC B680H is a hybrid barrier powered with a hydraulic pump that supports the movement of long or short beams at high speed. The Barrier also comes with a battery back up ensuring continuous operation even during a power loss.

The heavy-duty hydraulic barrier is faster and offers longer operating life. The barrier is ideal for heavy-duty use in industrial zones, ports and high traffic junctions.



  • 2,000,000 cycles, hybrid operation
  • Removable cabinet available in 5 finishing
  • A single barrier model suitable for all boom lengths

Key Features of Hydraulic and Electromechanical Motor

Hydraulic Motor

  • Hydraulic controllers are very reliable and pose very few maintenance issues if installed properly.
  • They are a very effective deterrent in case a vehicle runs into the barrier or in stopping tailgating vehicle
  • Cold can be a problem; too cold weather can cause oil thickening in the hydraulic unit. However, this can be solved with a temperature control unit.

Electromechanical Motor

  • The electromechanical unit is much quieter than the hydraulic motor.
  • A bit slower than Hydraulic but they offer more control, one can set variable speed for how quickly the beam rises.
  • Most security professionals find the electro-mechanical unit easier to maintain.
  • The Electro-mechanical units require at least 220v/single-phase power, which is typically 12-15 more amps of power than what the hydraulic motor requires.

FAAC B680H and B614 – Major Differences

Both B680H and B614 barriers are high-performance boom barriers offering easy installation and enable the integration of accessories for RFID reading or automatic vehicle detection and other accessories.

The major difference between these barriers is that – B680H is an automatic hydraulic motor operated unit while B614 is operated with a 24V electromechanical motor. The 680H hydraulic barrier is heavy duty and can lift barrier beams of up to 8m, which makes it an ideal solution for industrial sites and high-security areas. The B614 lifts beam up to 5m.

Let’s take a look at other minor and major differences these barriers have, and we are listing them down for you below:


– The FAAC B680H barrier is automatic and operated by hydraulic pump with a brushless motor.
– The FAAC B614 barrier comes with an integrated encoder that allows motion control of the barrier arm and is operated by a 24V electromechanical motor.


– The B680H features highspeed closing at a speed of 2.3 m in less than 1.5 and 8.3 m in less than 6 seconds
– The B614 is a bit slower and offers a closing speed of 3m in less than 2s
Note: The B80H is 1 to quarter-second faster than the B614.

Operating life:

– B680H hybrid hydraulic barrier comes with an everlasting spring that offers two million cycles.
– B614 is designed to offer up to one million operating cycles.

Beam Length:

– The barrier operates beams lengths between 2m and 8m. B680H comes with windproof rounded or elliptical profile beams round that is supplied with profiled and are supplied with rubber protection. The barrier operates beams lengths between 2m and 8m.

– The barrier operates a maximum beam length of up to 5m. B614 comes with either rounded or rectangular shaped beams that can be provided with LED lighting or reflective stickers.

Safety rating:

– B680H has an IP56 (TÜV certified) safety rating.
– B614 is IP55 (Electronic control unit) certified.


According to FAAC, B680H is around 20 to 30 per cent costlier than B614 barrier.

Dimensions and technical specifications

Model B680H B614
Operation Hydraulic Hybrid Electromechanical
Power supply voltage Switching: 100 – 240V~ 50/60 Hz 220-240V ~ 50/60 Hz
Motor Brushless 36V With brushes 24V
Motor rotation speed 1000 – 6000 rpm
Max. power 240 W 165 W
Motor-pump unit capacity 3.2 lpm 300 Nm
Material type Steel Steel
Type of treatment 100-micron protective primer + polyester painting or stainless steel cabinet Pre-hot dip galvanized, 20μm thick + polyester powder coated
Encoder Magnetic absolute encoder Incremental integrated in the motor
Type of deceleration Electronic – via encoder Electronic + mechanic
Type of beam Round Rectangular and round
Operating ambient temperature -20°C – +55°C -20°C – +55°C
Protection class IP56 (TÜV certified) IP55 (Electronic control unit)
Weight 85 Kg (65 Kg pillar + 20 Kg cabinet) 40 Kg
Type of oil FAAC HP OIL
Dimensions (LxDxH) 469 x 279 x 1100 mm 360 x 250 x 1163 mm ( installation base 305 x 230 mm)
Beam max length 2 – 8 m 5 m
Opening time 1,5 s (90° – 2m) – 6 s (90° – 8m) < 2 s (80°- 3m)
Use frequency 100% Continuous use
Electronic equipment E680 E614

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