IDEMIA’s MSO series, VisionPass and Morphowave have been recognised as the most trusted biometric devices by banks and government agencies, and equally loved by SMBs. What makes Morpho’s biometric identification systems so popular is their secure biometrics algorithms and easy to use features.

However, if you are planning to implement biometric solutions by Morpho at your facilities, you may come across some of the management software and software development kit (SDK) required for the functioning of your IDEMIA biometric systems.

Here are three main terms – IDEMIA MorphoKit, MorphoManager and VERIF License – you should be hearing a lot, some of the most common questions you might have, and our answers to them.

What is IDEMIA Morpho Kit?

MorphoKit™ is a software development kit(SDK) package that enables capturing, coding and verifying fingerprints, facial images and iris images. Originally designed for fingerprint-based systems, IDEMIA has enriched this SDK to support 2D facial and iris recognition.

The SDK is available for Windows, Linux and Android and the developers can add up to 50,000 users. The software kit makes enrollment and matching procedures simple to implement for system developers. MorphoKit is mostly installed in the terminals that are set up for capturing fingerprints, face or iris images.

  • Use Cases: Fingerprint/face and Iris authentication, 1:N 0r 1:1 matching of biometrics
  • Key Feature: Live finger detection, comparison between the captured face and on database face as well as comparison of captured iris stored in the document.
  • Compatible devices: MSO 300, MSO 1300 and FINGER VP, Desktop Series, MorphoWaveDesktop, and Compact by IDEMIA, MorphoTablet2 by IDEMIA and RapID 2.
  • Required Licenses:

What is MorphoManager?

IDEMIA’s MorphoManager is a management software that allows administrators to manage multiple biometric terminals and provides a centralised database. It can manage up to 5,000 terminals and contact/contactless fingerprint enrolment or facial recognition templates of up to 100,000 users, as well as encode contactless smartcard.

IDEMIA’s MorphoManager is a more comprehensive solution for access control and time & attendance application, as well as can work in a usual server-client configuration. The manager also allows reports to be imported to payroll systems. MorphoManager can operate standalone or be interfaced with third-party access control and time & attendance systems. The manager operates on Windows 7 SP1 / 8.1 / 10 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 / 2012 / 2012 R2.

  • Use Cases: Can be used for standalone application or integrated with leading access control platforms for identity authentication and time & attendance function etc
  • Key Features: Offers reduced setup time, intuitive interface and field-proven workflows, in addition to this it enables onsite/offsite reporting in
  • Pack Options:IDEMIA-MorphoManager-table

What is VERIF license?

Morpho devices require a VERIF license to work with any management software including MorphpMananger. This Licence can be purchased with Morpho devices. Ideally, you would need a VERIF licence per enrollment station to manage them centrally using MorphoManager.

VERIF license is also required on the MorphoManager server to encode contactless fingerprints to a smartcard, also on the client station to prevent duplicate fingerprints within a user record and to perform biometric authentication. The VERIF license is also required for the MorphoKit SDK to register template formats that will be coded when enrollment is performed using a biometric device.

What are the enrollment stations available for Idemia?

A fingerprint enrollment device captures an image of a user’s fingerprint and sends it to the MorphoManager software, which is then distributed to other connected IDEMIA biometric readers for user authentication.

Below are some of the fingerprint enrollment devices:

In simple words, we can categorise these three software/license products as below:

MorphoManager – an access control management software for enrollment, authentication, time & attendance etc

MorphoKit – A software kit for various biometric credentials including fingerprint, face and iris, which makes it possible to capture, code and verify the user.

VERIF License – A license required for all Morpho biometric devices to recognise and authenticate users.

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