Boom barrier gates are effective and cost-efficient solutions that improve security by controlling traffic in and out of your facility. Gone are the days when boom barriers were operated by a counterweight and locked with ropes or clips. Today, they are smart automated barriers that detect entry, record licence plates, and allow biometric and touchless access control to a facility with no human operator required. They secure narrow parking and building entrances to wider paths like toll gates and industrial entry points.

However, we are here to talk specifically about two of the best barrier gates from Magnetic, a FAAC Group Subsidiary – Magnetic Access and Magnetic Access Pro.

Why install boom barriers at your facility

Adding boom barriers to your access control installation mix is the best way to manage parking areas and vehicle entry points. They are a great solution for properties with limited parking spaces, especially the ones without security guards that attract a lot of unauthorised vehicles.

The boom barrier is an efficient solution that eliminates the need to man the entry points and saves costs. Moreover, barrier gates are made to last, they are highly durable and withstand tough weather conditions, as well as require low maintenance. One of the greatest advantages is that boom barriers require less space than a swing-open gate.

Magnetic Barrier Gate Solutions

Magnetic offers several vehicle access barriers that are adapted to meet the requirements of various facilities. They come in different opening speeds, functionality and accessories. They feature Magnetic’s innovative MHTM drive and robust service-friendly design, as well as the extraordinary service life of up to 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles.

Barriers range from Magnetic include – Access barriers (Access-L, Access Pro, Access Pro-L, Access Pro-H, Access XL2, Access XXL); Parking Pro barriers, and Toll and Traffic Barriers.

Magnetic Access Barrier 11

Application :

  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Hotels
  • Commercial buildings
  • Industrial sites
  • Units, flats and apartment complexes

Why Choose Magnetic Barriers

Access Barrier range from Magnetic is cost-effective due to their energy-efficiency, long service life and simple maintenance enabled by its MHTM™ drive unit. Access series vehicle barrier gates are suitable for under underground parking entrances and company grounds. They are available in different barrier boom options and widths.

Magnetic Access Gate Barrier

The Magnetic Access gate barrier features a 3.5m width and excellent operation using the innovative MHTM™ drive, which makes it energy efficient. Access barrier offers 10 million opening and closing cycles and is ideal for highly frequented car parks, company grounds, residential buildings and similar facilities.

Access barrier gates offer efficient opening time fixed at 2.2 s and closing time can be set at 2.2, 2.8 or 3.5 seconds. It has high torque providing excellent operation even in extreme weather conditions.

Magnetic Barrier Gate Solutions

Key Features

  • Easy to install and integrate with different access control systems
  • Comes with IP 54 enclosure rating for extra protection
  • Offers six relays and four digital outputs
  • Basic, cost-effective model with remarkable specs

Magnetic Access Pro Gate Barrier

The Magnetic Access Pro gate barrier has a 3.5m width boom and improved opening and closing time, that can be adjusted to 1.3, 1.8, or 2.5 seconds independently of one another. An ideal access control solution for commercial and residential complexes, Magnetic Access Pro features Ethernet interface, a radio module or a counting module for determining the number of parking spaces still available. The Magnetic Access barrier series come in two basic models Access and Access-L and two Pro models.


Key Features

  • Offers a fast opening and closing time of 1 & 3 seconds respectively
  • Comes with MGC Pro based control system
  • Features freely expandable modular expansion of control system
  • Available in white aluminium and grey aluminium colours

Major Differences: Magnetic Access and Magnetic Access Pro

Opening/closing time: The Magnetic Access barrier’s boom opens in 2.2 seconds, while Access Pro offers faster operation with an opening time of 1.3seconds.

Power consumption: Magnetic Access barrier operates on Max. 25 W power while Access Pro requires Max. 95 W access pro

Control system Modularity: Both Access and Access Pro offer Modular expansion of their control system. Access barrier can be integrated with Radio receiver and a second detector module, while Access Pro is freely expandable.

Control System: Access – MGC and Access Pro – MGC Pro

Technical data Access Access Pro
Barrier width Max. 3,5 m Max. 3,5 m
Opening/closing time 2,2 s 1,3 s
Power consumption Max. 25 W Max. 95 W
Drive technology MHTM™ MHTM™
Voltage 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz 85-264 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Duty cycle 100% 100%
Housing dimensions (L x W x H) 315 x 360 x 915 mm 315 x 360 x 915 mm
Enclosure rating IP 54 IP 54
Temperature range -30 to +55 °C -30 to +55 °C
Weight 40 kg 40 kg
Standard colours RAL 2000 RAL 2000, 9006, 9007
VarioBoom barrier arm Standard Standard
Control system MGC MGC Pro
Integrated 2-channel detector for induction loopsWeight Standard Standard
Modular expansion of control system Radio receiver and second detector module Freely expandable-
Variable I/O assignment Standard
No. of digital inputs 8 8
No. of relays/digital outputs 6/4 6/4
Input for safety light barrier with test Standard CStandard
Selectable closing speed Standard EStandard
Selectable opening speed EStandard

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