If anything, the security world has experienced since the COVID19 breakout, then it is the proof of concept for how technology can contribute to the health and safety of people. There is a pressing need for non-contact biometric solutions as organisations are reopening for business. The answer to this is an integrated time & attendance and access control systems.

According to recent reports, biometrics can be applied to improve healthcare systems and high-risk environments where a large number of people traverse. But they are not the only sectors benefiting from non-contact biometrics. The latest solution from Iris ID, the IrisTime is ideal for time tracking and access control applications offering unmatched convenience for both organisation and users.

It accommodates hundreds of current time and attendance applications as well as allows new apps to be developed by solution providers and software developers with the SDK(Software Development Kit).

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Iris ID IrisTime Advantages

  • The IrisTime is an integrated solution that comes with an iT100 multi-biometric terminal loaded and IrisTime Software and iTMS app. It offers dual biometric iris and face recognition to provide fast, accurate and convenient authentication. An ideal solution for access control and time and attendance, iT100 alone supports 5000 users.
  • The completely contactless time and attendance solution is widely considered the most practical for employee access and time tracking. Iris recognition is also accurate biometric and is data-rich it has more than 250 data points.
  • iT100 identifies your workforce even while wearing Mask/ Goggles/ Headgear. Today, masks and gloves have become a part of our daily lives and recognition technologies scanning just face or fingerprint ate do not work well. But iris recognition can accurately identify people with just their eyes it works with an everyday mask, medical mask, goggles and head coverings.
  • iTMS easily app that comes preloaded in the iT100 can connect many devices on your network. The powerful web-based management console includes a robust set of utilities in an easy to understand and use interface. iTMS can manage users, retrieve and send transactions, import and export data, discover devices, update devices, and manage administrator accounts and more.
  • iT100 also supports multiple connectivity options, it has a full set of connection interfaces that support new and old networks including Weigand, Ethernet, and RS485. iT100 also includes both the speaker and a microphone for applications that support speech recognition, intercom and telephony. And users can also plug in the Wi-Fi dongle and connect to the wireless network wireless.
  • The Android device SDK offers system developers an open platform that offers more flexibility and allows it to be modified/customized or even replaced with your own application solution.
  • REST API enables integrator options to communicate directly with your existing applications and ones installed on each iT100 within your domain. The most popular one is the subscription API that sends transactions to other systems like HR access control systems. IrisTime is very easy to integrate with multiple web-centric programs and it also runs on Windows Linux and Mac systems.

Watch Unboxing of Iris ID iT100 Fusion Biometric(Face + Iris) Terminal

Iris ID iT100 Enrolment and Identification Terminal


iT100, a multi-biometric terminal that offers completely non-contact enrolment and attendance solutions for the organisation be it small or big. With a simple to use Android-based 7-inch touch interface and automatic tilting camera, the iT100 enables automatic recognition and employee time management.

The iT100 terminal features automatic face and iris detection​ and automatic til function that allows easy capture of face for people having different heights, the camera offers +/- 25 degrees tilt.

In addition to the unmatchable detection range of 24 inches (2 ft) and easy interface, the iT100 comes with preloaded free time management software – IrisTime™, which offers a built-in App, the iTMS Solution and also provides a development environment for the application developers.

Iris ID IrisTime™


The IrisTime™ is versatile system software that is preloaded in the Iris ID iT100. IrisTime™ enables integration with card or keyfobs reading as well as time and attendance functionality.

The iTMS app features auto device discovery on the network, automatic device configurations, and enables device activation. The software allows data entry of both biometric and biographic details of users. The IrisTime™ is freely supplied with iT100 multi-biometrics enrolment and authentication terminal by Iris ID.

Comparing Leading Time and Management Solutions from Iris ID

Iris ID biometric devices are one of the most effective solutions for time and attendance, workforce management, and access control


iCAM7100 Vs IrisTime™

iCAM 7100 devices eliminate the potential errors associated with manually calculating employee hours. It is a non-contact Iris recognition device, which is cost-effective and eliminates “buddy punching”.

The most demanding applications, iCAM7100 provides effective workforce management by recording and punch-in and punch-out data at the point allowing for access control management system to generate timesheets. Meanwhile, Iris Time offers a dual biometric reading system that offers complete access and time and attendance management on the device with a preloaded app, iTMS.

Major Differences


  • Supports only iris recognition and authentication
  • Offers 1:1 identification and 1:N verification
  • Has certifications including CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, UL294, ISO Standard, IEC, KISA
  • Capture range 11“~15” (28cm~38cm)


  • Supports both iris and face enrolment, recognition and authentication.
  • Offers up to 5,000 1:N verification and 100,000 1:1 identification
  • Has CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, UL294 certifications.
  • Capture range of 24 inches (2 ft)

iCAM7S series specification

Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.01″ x 8.31″ x 2.52″ (178mm x 211mm x 64mm)
Weight 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
Power Input / Consumption 12~24 VDC, 2.0 Amps @ 12 VDC / 24W
Status LED Multi Color – Red, Green, Blue, Amber for status and alarm indication
Iris Operating Range Indicator Dual Color – Orange (out of range), Green (in range)
Voice Indication English and Korean standard, others languages available
Iris Capture Range 12″~14″ (31cm~35cm)
Flash High output flash for face capture
Face Image Camera Face camera CMOS – 5MP
Transaction Log Capacity Up to 1,000,000 transactions stored on device, unlimited on server
Relays x 2 Control for user defined operations
Operating Temperature 32°F ~ 113°F (0°C ~ 45°C)
Storage Temperature -4°F ~ 203°F (-20°C ~ 90°)
Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing
Iris & Face Camera Rotation Angle +35°/-25°
Communications Ethernet (LAN, WAN), RS232, RS422
Inputs / Outputs Embedded Card Reader (Optional), Wiegand In, Wiegand Out,
Dry Contact Relay x 2, Programmable GPIO x 4
Equipment Supplied with iCAM7 series Instruction Manual – Quick Start Guide
Certifications CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, UL294, ISO Standard, KISA

IrisTime™ specification

Dimensions (WxHxD) 7.08” x 5.39” x 1.18” (180mm x 137mm x 30mm)
Weight 1.2lbs (543g)
Type Walk-up
Power Input / Consumption 12 – 24 VDC (auto – +/- 500 mv ripple voltage industry standard) / Max. 30watt
OS Android OS 7.1
User Interface Self-guidance with displayed images in LCD
Operation Iris and or Face, Face + Iris Fusion
User Capacity Up to 5,000 1:N, 100,000 1:1 users
Transactions Number of transaction logs on device DB: 1M (Iris) / 100,000 (Face)
Encryption AES256
Matching Speed Less than 1 sec
Languages Support multiple languages and characters simultaneously
English & Korean / Additional language pack downloadable
Tilt Auto Range: -25° ~ +25°
USB 1 Port
Memory 16GB
Tamper Detection Yes
Algorithm IrisCapture / DualEyeInfo™ / Countermeasure / Face Matching
Real Time Clock Internal battery
Proximity detection ToF Sensor
Connectivity Ethernet or Wi-Fi (optional) Relay
Certifications CE, FCC, KC, Eye Safety, UL294
Temperature Operating: 32 ~ 113℉ (0 ~ 45℃)
Storage: -4 ~ 194℉ (-20 ~ 90℃)

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