Iris recognition for access control is seeing high demand among growing businesses for its contactless, fast and accurate operation and usability in highly frequented areas. Iris is a unique biometric in the human body ensuring the highest level of security against false recognition and rejection rates and is widely used in border control, law & order, population register, National ID and for time & attendance by businesses.

We spoke to Mr Rami AlAzzeh, Regional Manager at Iris ID to understand why iris recognition is one of the best forms of biometric for access control for regional businesses and how the technology works. He also gives us a sneak-peek into Iris ID’s newest solution for contactless time & attendance iT100. Here is an excerpt from the conversation.

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What is Iris recognition?

Iris is the doughnut in the eye around the pupil, which is also the coloured part of the eye. So when we talk about iris recognition, it means that the scanner/ camera is reading this part of the eye.

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What are the advantages of using iris recognition for access control/security?

As a biometric iris is as promising as any other biometric solution we see in the market, be it fingerprint, or facial/voice recognition. It is also unique for each person, just like fingerprints.

Iris recognition is one of those technologies, which is widely used throughout the world nowadays. Iris is a very useful biometric for recognition in the human body.

There are multiple reasons for this, and the most important one is that you can enrol even 9 to 12 months old babies using iris, and the iris of the eye remains the same without change over the lifetime of a person. For the same person, the left and right eye is considered as two different biometrics and twins sharing DNA will have different irises.

Another great benefit is that it is hygienic, contactless technology and is easy to capture; it’s quickly captured, the process not more than taking a normal photo of the eye happens in milliseconds. Iris capture is very accurate, and the accuracy is much higher and has very low false acceptance and false rejection rates.

Lastly, our iris systems are highly scalable to support from a few hundred people to millions of data, making them ideal for applications at airports and immigration. As we can see, many airports around the globe and in the Middle East use iris recognition is widely used to capture people data in millions.

As for Iris ID products, I want to highlight on the countermeasures offered. Our iris technology can identify the real eye from fake and detect contact lenses, offering the highest levels of security.


What are the competitive advantages of using solutions from Iris ID over other brands?

Iris ID is a unique company when it comes to biometric technology because we come up with complete solutions for everything, be it the hardware, the algorithm, the matching engine, as well as the SDKs and management software.

it comes to iris recognition and time and attendance solutions, we meet market expectations with identity solutions that are innovative and are suitable for continuous use in areas like airports, border control or for large-scale data projects like national ID programmes or E-passports systems.

We are a leader in the regional market and invest in developing solutions that meet market needs and future developmental ecosystems.

What is new from Iris ID? Can you tell us more about iT100 and its main features?

We always come with innovative products that meet the market needs and go with the current trends. Recently, we have launched a product, which is iT100. The device has a very sleek design and an Android-based operating system specialised for time and attendance and access control functionalities.

The unique device offers multi-biometric reading with face recognition in addition to iris capture. Combining face and iris reading in a very special way to the system provides fast and accurate results.

What scale/size of businesses can use iT100?

iT100 comes with iTMS software. However, we provide all kinds of SDKs to custom design either the software, which goes into the device itself or the interface that you can use on the laptop to manage the software.

Even though we provide SDKs, the device itself is capable of supporting up to 5000 users. It means iT100 requires no additional system to manage up to 5000 users.


How will iT100 help businesses during this pandemic?

It is very noticeable nowadays in the market that everybody is looking for a hygiene system for contactless systems, it is not a trend but a necessity to maintain social distancing, even payment nowadays are automatic and contactless. But at Iris ID, we pioneered technologies keeping this in mind and now we are beginning to see unprecedented demand just as we foresaw.

Today, we are seeing increasing demand for contactless biometrics in the market, as the pandemic has made the businesses more aware of the health safety in addition to the security. They are adapting and upgrading their security systems to include touchless biometrics including Iris, and iT100 is a perfect solution for any organisation as it does not require any additional system to manage up to 5000 users.

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