Virdi recently unveiled the UBio-X Pro 2, a high-end biometric and security solution for access control, time, and attendance management.

It is a successor to UBio-X Pro and comes integrated with incredible new features and improvements. Keep on reading to learn more about the product, its features, and more!

So, What is UBio-X Pro 2?


Explaining in layman’s terms, UBio-X is a user-friendly, contactless face and fingerprint recognition system. The R&D team of Virdi designed the product to meet the day to day access control and security demands of the post-covid-19 world.

It’s the advanced and improved version of UBio-X Pro and comes with high-end features utilizing well-optimized deep learning algorithms to offer an exceptional user experience.

Key Features & Improvements


Incredible capabilities, high-performance, and seamless functioning make UBio-X Pro2, an ideal access control, and biometric solution. Designed by keeping the needs of the new normal in thought, this device comes with impressive features and improvements. Let’s explore them one by one.

Mask Detection Function

ubio-x-pro2-Mask Detection Function-stebilex-systems-04

Smart face recognition technology enables UBio-X Pro 2 to grant access to users wearing a mask properly. It denies people with no mask, thereby reducing the risk of infection in your facilities to a good extent.

Offers Contactless Authentication

With Covid-19 revolutionalizing, conventional business practices, Virdi created this brilliant device to rule out the risk of infection with contactless face detection and authentication technology.

Unlike traditional authentication devices, UBio-X Pro 2 can efficiently function without the need for any physical contact.

Allows Integration with Thermal Camera

ubio-x-pro2-Integration with Thermal Camera-stebilex-systems

The fever detecting module allows the UBio-X Pro 2 to integrate with a thermal camera and measure the temperature of the user. It stores the real-time data in the server and further denies access if the temperature is not in the permitted range.

This great feature eliminates the need of using a thermal screener and authentication separately and saves the essential time of the people working in the facilities.

User-friendly & Easy to Register


The registration process is straightforward for new users. All you have to do is enter your mobile phone number and you will get access.

That’s all simple and easy! Plus this data will be stored on the server and you can access the facilities in the future with the mobile number as your ID.

Comes with Fake Face Detection Technologies

ubio-x-pro2-Fake Face Detection Technologies-stebilex-systems

The fake face detection technology leverages the power of anti-spoofing and liveness detection function to prevent unauthorized users who try to get access criminally with the help of a photo, 3-D mask, or relevant inappropriate tactic.

Face Detection At a Distance of 3m

ubio-x-pro2 face regurgitation

The UBio-X Pro2 can detect the faces of the user up to 3 meters. This feature makes sure the social-distancing norms are maintained and avoid the build-up of human traffic in the entrance queue of facilities and premises.

Plus the device can store up to 20,000 users (for facial enrollment) and 500,000 users (for fingerprint enrollment) in the database and can capture up to 10,000,000 event logs with the assistance of web-based access data and monitoring.

Exclusive Benefits of UBio-X Pro

Here are some incredible benefits this smart contactless authentication and thermal screening system offers:

  • Contactless access control, biometric and attendance system solution for a post-covid world
  • Easy walk-through method facial recognition
  • Alerts user to wear the mask properly and impressively denies access to users with high body temperature with the help of a thermal screening camera
  • Incredibly fast operation and can store a vast amount of data in the real-time web accessed server
  • User-friendly UI and easy, straightforward enrollment process for new users


The contactless biometric recognition and screening system is easy to install on a stand, desk, wall mount, speed gate.

It is an ideal biometric solution for busy spaces like hospitals, government institutions, colleges, schools, subways, airports, religious facilities, fitness centres, and other facilities where security and controlled, monitored access is a primary concern.

Where to Buy UBio-X Pro 2

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