In a world where security and convenience are paramount, finding innovative ways to authenticate identities has become necessary. Among the cutting-edge solutions, iris recognition stands out as a formidable contender


Imagine a future where you can unlock doors, access sensitive information, and ensure the utmost security with just a glance. Welcome to the world of IRIS ID – a pioneering technology that has revolutionized the way we think about authentication.

The Remarkable Significance of Iris Recognition

In the realm of biometric identification, iris recognition reigns supreme. The human iris is a unique and intricate part of our anatomy, much like a fingerprint. However, unlike fingerprints, the iris offers unparalleled accuracy and security. This technology is more than just a means of authentication; it’s a gateway to a safer and more efficient future.


Empowering Security: Iris ID Solutions for a Safer Tomorrow

Revolutionize your facility’s security with IrisAccess 7000S – a multi-purpose, cost-effective solution trusted in healthcare, education, and transportation. Intelligent iris technology ensures accurate access, while IrisAccess EAC Software enhances efficiency with punch-in data and rapid identification.


Belonging to the iCAM7 lineup, which encompasses the iCAM7000, 7100, and 7100S models, the iCAM7100 stands out with enhanced image acquisition for enrollment and recognition. It boasts dual iris capture, time & attendance features, and seamless contactless access control, redefining facility security.

Justice Served Right with Public Safety & Justice Solutions

Iris ID pioneers justice solutions with the Iris ID OU7S-AK. Advanced OEM Iris Recognition The remarkable Iris ID OU7S-AK iris recognition camera effortlessly captures high-quality iris images, even from subjects in motion, eliminating the need for extensive cooperation. Camera Module captures high-quality iris images swiftly, redefining prisoner management, visitor authentication, and personnel authorization.

Swift & Secure Travel with Transportation & Immigration Solutions

Elevating security standards at airports and metro stations is now a reality with Iris ID technology. Hence, airports and metro stations have become secure havens. The iCAM D1000 captures ISO-compliant face and iris images with speed, while the ID iT100 Enrolment and Identification Terminal offers automatic detection, fusion capabilities, and advanced algorithms for a seamless travel experience. Revolutionize your travel experience with this blend of enhanced security and unmatched convenience, ensuring a streamlined visitor identification process and reliable access control at every step.

Nations Made Secure with National Biometrics & Identity Solutions

At the forefront of cutting-edge innovation, Iris ID has mastered the art of crafting access control solutions on a grand scale, revolutionizing national documentation and identity management for entire countries. Their expertise lies in delivering a seamlessly optimized and budget-friendly identification system with remarkable scalability. Iris ID’s transformative technology empowers nations to take control of their identity management, ushering in a new era of secure and streamlined national documentation processes.

Elevate Security and Efficiency with Iris ID’s Cutting-edge Software Solutions

iData™ IrisAccess® EAC: Revolutionizing Access Control

Imagine a world where entering secure spaces is as simple as a glance. With iData™ IrisAccess® EAC, Iris ID introduces a seamless integration of biometric authentication and access control. This versatile software interfaces seamlessly with any PACS, using configurable connections. Its automatic image and template quality process ensures that only high-quality iris templates are enrolled, guaranteeing unparalleled accuracy. Security measures like encryption and tamper alarms meet the highest standards, while support for various card types enhances flexibility.


TimeReport™: Your Time and Attendance Ally

Iris ID doesn’t stop at access control; it also extends its capabilities to time and attendance management through TimeReport™. This user-friendly reporting tool empowers operators to review records based on various parameters swiftly. Whether by employee name, ID number, or time range, TimeReport™ delivers customized reports with the click of a button. Its integration with IrisAccess® EAC and support for diverse card types make it a versatile tool for boosting productivity.


iData™ SDK: Empowering Developers

For those at the forefront of innovation, iData™ SDK offers an Application Programming Interface (API) that generates IrisCodes from iris images, enabling enrollment and identification. With image quality assessment tools, iData™ SDK ensures top-notch results. Developers can harness its power to create secure, accurate, and platform-independent solutions.


iData™ Card Management Application (CMA): A Smart Solution

The IrisAccess CardiD Management System is a testament to Iris ID’s commitment to versatile solutions. With user-friendly enrollment and verification, it seamlessly integrates with HID iClass smartcard solutions. The iDentityCheck™ feature prevents duplicate enrollments, while its secure credential issuance ensures peace of mind.


IrisAccelerator™: Unleash Speed and Scalability

When speed and scalability are crucial, IrisAccelerator™ steps in. Its cluster of servers and matching engines deliver lightning-fast iris matching. Whether in large-scale deployments or private cloud setups, IrisAccelerator™ excels, providing unmatched throughput and availability.


INSiDE™: Simplifying Corrections

For correctional facilities, Iris ID presents INSiDE™, an authentication application that accelerates book and release processes. By leveraging iris recognition, it minimizes identity-related errors and speeds up routine tasks, while its iDentityCheck™ feature offers comprehensive history checks.


iCAM Manager (SDK): Enabling Device Management

Effortless device management becomes a reality with iCAM Manager (SDK). It communicates with iCAM7 series Iris Readers, providing an interface to manage these devices. Ideal for PACS OEMs, Time & Attendance providers, and ISVs, this SDK streamlines communication and operation.


iCAM Entry™: Seamlessly Integrating Iris Recognition

Iris recognition meets access control and time & attendance through iCAM Entry™. This software bridges the gap between iCAM devices and PACS systems, offering simplicity and high performance. Whether for single-door operation or broader access control, iCAM Entry™ simplifies and enhances security.

The Power of Iris ID: Advantages Beyond Measure

Unparalleled Accuracy

With Iris ID, accuracy is redefined. Say goodbye to cumbersome access methods that rely on cards or passwords. Iris recognition offers a foolproof way to verify identities, ensuring only authorized personnel gain entry.


Swift and Seamless

Time is of the essence, and Iris ID understands that. Experience lightning-fast identification with the iCAM7 series, setting a new benchmark in speed and efficiency.


Versatility Redefined

Whether it’s healthcare, education, transportation, or public safety, Iris ID solutions seamlessly adapt to your needs. The IrisAccess 7000S access control system is a versatile security marvel, catering to multiple industries with unwavering precision.


No Room for Compromise

Security is non-negotiable, and Iris ID ensures there’s no room for compromise. The advanced countermeasure technology reduces false acceptance and rejection rates, providing airtight protection.


Empowering Workforce Management

The iCAM7100 from Iris ID’s iCAM7 series isn’t just a biometric device; it’s a strategic tool for enhanced workforce management. Bid farewell to buddy punching and embrace efficient punch-in and punch-out data recording.

In a Nutshell


As you embark on this journey of enhanced security and streamlined access control, Iris ID leads the way. Your tomorrow deserves the best, and Iris ID brings you that and more. But don’t just take our word for it – explore the possibilities firsthand. Reach out to the experts at Stebilex Systems and witness how Iris ID can transform your security infrastructure.


It’s time to unlock a future where security is seamless, access is intuitive, and your peace of mind is a certainty. Contact Stebilex today, and together, let’s shape a safer, smarter, and more secure world. Your access control revolution starts now.

About Iris ID


Iris ID stands as a beacon of cutting-edge security technology. Pioneering iris recognition since its inception, their journey began with the remarkable LG IrisAccess 2200 in 1999. Unveiling the intricate patterns within our irises, it marked a revolutionary approach to authentication. With subsequent innovations like the LG IrisAccess 3000 and IrisAccess 4000, Iris ID redefined security with unmatched versatility and anti-spoofing measures. Today, Iris ID reigns supreme as the global leader in deployed iris platforms, promising a future where our eyes are the keys to a world of secure and seamless access.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Iris ID, and how does it differ from other biometric identification methods?

Iris ID is a pioneering biometric tech using iris patterns for identity verification. Its precision and non-intrusiveness set it apart from other methods.

How does the IrisAccess 7000S contribute to enhancing facility security?

IrisAccess 7000S bolsters security by authenticating individuals based on their iris patterns, ensuring only authorized access to facilities.

Is Iris ID technology scalable enough for national identity solutions?

Yes, Iris ID tech scales effectively for national identity solutions, offering robust and reliable iris recognition at a large scale.

What unique features does the iCAM7 series offer in workforce management?

The iCAM7 series brings advanced features like live face detection and dual iris capture, enhancing accuracy and efficiency in workforce management.

How long has Iris ID been pioneering in the Iris recognition industry?

Iris ID has been a trailblazer in the iris recognition field for decades, leading since its inception in the late 1990s.

Why Choose Stebelix Systems to Buy Iris ID Products?

Stebelix Systems offers unparalleled expertise and support when purchasing Iris ID products, ensuring a seamless and reliable experience for your security needs.