Schools today face multiple threats from several sources. It is of the imminent need to ensure the safety of students, faculty, staff, and the assets of schools. This is one of the most prominent reasons why some of the leading schools are applying advanced technologies like access control systems, video surveillance solutions, visitor management solutions & ID badging solutions in their school premises.

As technology has evolved, locks & keys to protect the school premises is a primitive measure of ensuring safety and protection against modern threats. Security guards and other manual security measures have their own limitations in comparison to the external threats which can influence the students and the educational organization as a whole.

May it be thefts, vandalism, violence, kidnappings, or molestations, the latest security technology has a solution to combat any of the external threats to any school today. An access control system for schools is actually a one-stop solution for any of the above-mentioned threats and today it is applied extensively in UK, USA, European & Asian countries, and also the GCC countries such as UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman & Kuwait.

How Can Access Control System Make Your School Safer?

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Before we dive into the benefits of access control systems for schools, it is crucial to understand what we mean by the term access control system. Basically, an access control system is an electronic system that controls access to designated places such as rooms, cabinets, server racks, and other security zones.

They grant or deny access based on the interaction between an access credential and the access control reader. Thus an access control system is a security system that allows you to electronically monitor a variety of aspects of your site, including door locks and surveillance camera feeds. Let’s look at the direct security benefits from access control systems.

1. Monitor Your Entire Building From A Central Location

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Considering the 100s of rooms in a school facility and managing the 100 keys required to lock it the doors is basically unwise. Aside from key management, it is also impractical to have a log of entry for all the people entering and exiting those 100 doors. Manually to record the entry of these 100 doors, 100 security guards should have to be placed before these doors which again is an impractical solution.

With an access control system, you can monitor and control the entire access activities centrally from your desk. Access control systems can seamlessly manage and monitor from a single door to any number of doors, may it be 1000 doors. You can also control the following from this central location:

Enhanced image quality

Both MSO 1300 E3 and MSO 1350 E3 produce a fingerprint image that is certified PIV IQS by the FBI.

Embedded security features

When sensitive data (image or template) needs to be shared with a Host System, the MSO 1300 Series devices are capable of securing them before dispatching.

  • View and Respond to door alarms
  • View integrated surveillance videos
  • Lockdown your entire school facility
  • Receive custom alerts when a certain door is opened or closed
  • Get notified if a door is propped open or is left open for longer than normal

2. One Click Lockdown

In events of crisis, there are only 2 options you can consider: either to evacuate the entire building or to bring the students to a safe shelter until the crisis has ended. With access control systems you can lock down individual doors or your entire facility with the click of a button. At the first sign of a threat, you can, in just seconds, be sure that no one will be able to gain access to classrooms, offices, or other rooms where your students and staff are present.

3. Use Identification Cards As Access Card

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Access card which is combined with the ID card program replaces the need for both keys and identification cards. Unlike conventional keys, access cards cannot be duplicated with a visit to the hardware store as it needs highly expensive equipment which is highly secure to print and program. With access cards enrolled in the id card program, it is also easy to identify whose card was used to open a certain door at any certain point in time in case of any incident.

4. Detailed Reporting

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Accurately determines and track people who were in a specific area at that certain point in time. You can get various types of reports from Access control systems on the access card usage such as including the last time a card was used, where a card was used, which card was used to open a certain door, etc. This is highly helpful to track and prevent frauds, thefts, violence, and other crimes.

5. Access Control Systems Are Easy To Integrate With Video Surveillance Systems

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Access control systems combined with video surveillance systems form a highly powerful security solution and takes security to a whole different level. From viewing live video from across the school, certain markers can be set to view the video when a specific action takes place, like doors being unlocked or even unlock yourself to the possibility of viewing the video on your mobile app. By using a solution that combines both access control and video surveillance systems, one can remotely view the visitor, collect their details through the camera, and grant access.

Must Have Access Control & Security Measures in School

Here are some recommended access control & security measures you can implement to offer even greater security in your educational facility.

Active Video Surveillance and Monitoring

Active video surveillance and monitoring is essential in locations like parking zones, entrance and exit pathways. This practice ensures no unauthorized person can enter the educational facility.

Fire Alarm Systems & Fire Extinguisher on Every Floor

Fire alarm systems and extinguishers are life-saving equipment in emergency situations. They give away to proper evacuation and relocation of students, faculty, and staff when a fire breaks out. For even better security, it is best to install a fire extinguisher and alarm on every floor, especially in experiment labs.

Strict Background Checking of Faculty & Staff Members

Conducting a strict background check before employing faculty and staff member is a good practice to keep everyone safe in the school from potential risks. Not doing so, may cause a great loss to your school resources and students.

Use of Access Control ID-Cards

Issuing an access control ID-card is a brilliant way to authorize and unauthorize access to students and staff in different school facilities. They are also useful in attendance management and prevent the entry of non-permitted anti-social elements.

The Best Access Control Brand For Schools


We at Stebilex Systems have vast experience in the field of access control systems and have formed a partnership with some of the leading global access control brands worldwide. In a comparison of globally leading access control brands such as HID Global, Lenel & Paxton, we elect Paxton as the best access control brand for schools. This is because of the following reasons:

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  • Economical: Paxton is highly cost-effective and economical in comparison to other access control brands.
  • SME Access Control Solution: Paxton is basically an access control brand targeting small to medium business as their customers, unlike other brands such as HID Global, Lenel, Honeywell, Bosch, etc.
  • End To End Access Control Solution: Paxton is a single-source provider for your complete access control needs. They have a complete range of products coming under access control.
  • Easy To Integrate: Paxton’s Net2 access control integrates with many leading CCTV, intruder, and fire alarms for greater security.
  • Video Door Entry: Get visual verification before granting access. The Paxton Net2 Entry products provide a smart, simple video door entry system.
  • Wireless Locks: Wireless locks are a low-cost solution for internal doors. As one does not need to spend further on wiring and infrastructure. The Net2 PaxLock and PaxLock Pro are doors handle with access control built-in, that can easily replace an existing handle.
  • Power Saving: You can set the system to switch off utilities automatically when the building is empty and save money on your power bills
  • Emergency lockdown: Secure your school at the touch of a button so that only specific personnel is permitted to pass through doors during the lockdown.
School access control case studies:

Having a wealth of experience with access control installations in schools, it is relevant we share the data that we have with regards to access control installations in schools.
Lake Oconee Academy Uses Net2 to Manage Access Control on Campus
Net2 Provides Secure Integrated Solution with Student Management for Marino Institute of Education
Net2 Access Control and Biometric Integration Simplifies Security at John Roan School

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