ViRDI NScan-FMSE USB Fingerprint Scanner (Secured with Chip, KFTC & FBI PIV+FAP20 certified, 10fps)

ViRDI’s NScan-FMSE is equipped with a secure chip and is ideal for financial organisations and insurance transactions. NScan-FMSE has a bio-information Distributed Management System certificate from Korea Financial Telecommunication & Clearing Institute (KFTC).

Key Features

  • Secure chip-enabled to extracts fingerprint as an encrypted template
  • Reading speed provided by the scanner is 10fps
  • Fake finger and live finger detection

With ViRDI’s patented fake finger and live finger detection algorithms, NScan-FMSE can distinguish fake fingers made from gelatine, rubber, silicone, glue and other materials. The unit comes with an encryption technology that extracts fingerprint as an encrypted template (ISO 19794-2) and not as an image providing an extra layer of security. The embedded slim sensor of NScan-FMSE is also certified with FBI’s mobile ID specification FBI FAP20.

The device offers a 16 x 21 mm sensing area for clear reading of prints from a single finger. The reading speed provided by the scanner is 10fps, and it can be easily connected to windows and android operating system using USB 2.0 (High Speed). The optical scanner creates RAW images with 500dpi resolution. You can order ViRDI’s high-performance biometric fingerprint readers in the middle east from Stebilex Systems. We are a leading supplier for access control and biometric solutions with expansive reach across the region throughout offices in UAE and Qatar. Talk to us today.

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