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Access control systems are critical for identity authentication and entry process optimisation, be it for evolving businesses or high-security environments.

Combining Control and Convenience

Access Control Systems today heighten security operations enabling businesses to track visitors and employee movements by recording which doors are accessed and by whom. A critical part of physical security infrastructure, access control systems are becoming a part of the day to day life and business operations alike. Stebilex has partnered with the world’s leading security solution providers to deliver innovative access control products capable of efficiently managing access to business premises. We provide a range of trusted access control products that range from traditional card/fob & readers, to cloud-based mobile and biometric authentication. We bring in the most modern products that can be integrated with existing networked security systems or used as stand-alone access control systems.

Have full control over who has access to your facility
Monitor when and where people access doors
Enhance convenience & simplify time tracking

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Buy IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact Fingerprint Scanner


MorphoWave by IDEMIA sets a new standard in frictionless biometric access system with accurate 3D fingerprint technology that is capable of scanning fingerprints and identify people with a simple wave of the hand. It is a touchless, fast and convenient solution that allows users to remain in motion while being identified, making it ideal for securing high traffic control points. The solution helps organisations to improve efficiency without sacrificing security. The products come in two variants, MorphoWave Compact and MorphoWave Desktop – allowing usability in outdoor, concierge and office environments.

Lenel OnGuard® X Series Controllers

Lenel’s OnGuard series encompasses – X Series, Access Series, M Serie, and Security Series. The X Series is the newest family of controllers for the OnGuard System that incorporates the latest cybersecurity technology and offers LNL-X4420, LNL-X3300, LNL-X2210, and LNL-X2220. Lenel’s OnGuard controllers come with unique features and consists of components including Intelligent System Controllers and specific Reader Interface Modules, Input Modules, and Output Modules.

lenel onGuard
HID R10 Reader


The iCLASS SE® R10 mini mullion contactless reader is designed for door applications that require a small footprint card reader. It features a 13.56 MHz frequency and supports a variety of credentials including cards, fobs and mobile devices. HID’s iCLASS SE® range of readers are interoperable and feature standardised communications (open supervised device protocol – OSDP) for secure communications between reader and controller. The readers are interoperable with expanding range of evolving technologies such as iCLASS SE, standard iCLASS®, iCLASS Seos®, MIFARE® Classic and MIFARE® DESFire EV1 and mobile credentials.

Paxton Net2 Entry Touch Panel

The Net2 Entry touch panel is a premium external panel for use with Paxton’s door entry system, Net2 Entry. Comprising a quality 7-inch colour touch screen with personalization options, the touch panel has a line-out for use with T-loop antenna for users with hearing aid and advanced sound processing for high traffic areas, making it suitable for even more sites than ever before. When used with the Net2 Entry Premium monitor the touch panel supports two-way video calling and the facility to leave video voicemails. All Net2 Entry panels are IPX5 rated, making them suitable for external use in all weather conditions.

paxton net2 panel - Access Control UAE

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