High-quality gate barrier, vehicle and pedestrian management solutions in Dubai, UAE From Stebilex Systems

A member of the FAAC Group since 2012, Magnetic is a leading pedestrian and vehicle management solution provider for both innovative and customer-specific products across the globe.

Products from Stebilex Dubai, UAE

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Magnetic is known for its well-thought-out product designs, innovative drive technologies, and long-lasting reliability. With a strong R&D team that develops the hardware and software for innovative new products, Magnetic produces bespoke solutions that are compliant with technical and legal regulations in the physical security sector. In addition to the parent factory in Germany, Magnetic has facilities in the USA, Australia, Malaysia, India and Brazil. Magnetic has supplied its leading technologies to some of the largest airport and landmarks across the globe.

The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia use pedestrian barriers from the company, as is the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio, Brazil. The company has also supplied over 25 e-gates at the Dubai Airports and Parking Pro vehicle barriers to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The company was first established in Basel in the year 1946 and decided to exploit its wide-ranging experience in the development of drives and control systems to create vehicle and pedestrian barriers in the mid-1970s.

Solutions From mAGNETIC


Magnetic’s barrier gates come in numerous models and offer a comprehensive range of parking access control, toll-gates, and traffic management solutions. The boom barriers can be optimally adapted to meet the facility’s requirement.
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Car/Truck Terminals

The Car/Truck Terminals from Magnetic provide efficient vehicle barrier system to parking access/exit control and is widely used at car parks and truck check checkpoints. They work with boom gates and can be integrated with intercom and other systems.
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Pedestrian Gates

Magnetic pedestrian turnstiles, swing, and wing gates are widely used at public spaces and can be integrated with most of the access control systems. Their applications include ticket fare collection, immigration/boarding gate access, and visitor ID verification at parks and stadiums etc.
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System Solutions

The highly reliable and automatic identification and access management solution TerraPass from Magnetic integrated biometrics and automatic barrier boom gates and provides the highest levels of security.
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Access Series Barriers

Access Barrier range from Magnetic is cost-effective due to their energy-efficiency, long service life and simple maintenance enabled by its MHTM™ drive unit. Access series vehicle barrier gates are suitable for under underground parking entrances and company grounds. They are available in different barrier boom options and widths.

Parking Barriers

The Magnetic Parking Pro car park barriers offer rapid opening and closing to manage high-frequency car parks. The barrier booms are optimised for use in parking areas, and these parking barrier gates can be fitted with foldable booms, soft booms or boom-skirts to enhance visibility and security. Parking Pro car park barriers and gates can be automated and equipped with sensors to detect people and vehicle.

Toll Barriers

Magnetic’s toll gate barriers have been designed for faster processing at toll collection points on roads, bridges and tunnels. With its MHTM drive technology, the toll gates offer prolonged usage and anti-collision features. There are five different variants of Magnetic Toll Gate barriers.

Traffic Barriers

Magnetic’s traffic barrier gates offer optimum traffic management for both standard and wider lanes. With options for a folding boom, the barrier works as a modular solution – blocking crossings where the ratio of lane widths in the longitudinal and transverse directions is greater than 2:1.

Barrier Booms

Magnetic offers a variety of boom barrier arms equipping its barrier gates for different applications. The barrier boom has numerous extras to enhance barrier strength, security and visibility. Varioboom range is one of the most commonly used barrier booms, with other options like articulated barrier arm and soft boom.

Laser Scanners

Magnetic’s Laser Scanners offer reliable detection at the entry for both vehicles and persons. The Horizontal Laser Scanner offers detection of cars following through and people, while the vertical scanners offer detection of larger vehicles and tow bars etc.


Car Terminals

MS and MH Terminals have been designed for easy operation with any magnetic boom barrier gates, it can be operated from the driver’s seat and can be integrated with intercom, access card reader or camera.

Truck Terminals

The truck terminals from Magnetic are designed for operating from the driver’s seat. Both ML and MXL terminals offer two separate equipment areas and are suitable for both car and truck traffic.

Pedestrian Gates

Access Control FlowMotion

Magnetic’s FlowMotion generation are built with mDure innovative material, and a simplified access control concept, and a revolutionary design for convenience. It automatically detects how employees, customers and visitors are moving.

Access Control MP

Magnetic Access Control MP series consists of reliable pedestrian access control solutions, from robust turnstiles to elegant wing gates for access control applications. They ensure maximum safety due to sensitive impact detection sensors.

Immigration Gates

Magnetic’s Immigration Gates are integratable with all common access control reading devices and interfaces. It accurately reads and compares personal biometrics with an existing database to automate border control.

Turnstile, Swing Gates

Turnstiles and swing gates from Magnetic provide high levels of security with robust design and offer varied gateways for pedestrian access control to critical and public facilities. Magnetic offers full height turnstiles for critical facilities. Pedestiran turnstile gates come in automatic, electro-mechanical and pure mechanical versions.

Automated Fare Collection Gates

The Automatic Fare Collection swing gates, wing gates and turnstiles offer rapid and accurate ticket checking options. The automated fare collection products from Magnetic are suitable for transport facilities with high user numbers.

Boarding Gate

Automatic boarding Gates from Magnetic accelerate the passenger throughput at airport departure gates by automatic checking of boarding passes. It also offers an uncomplicated way to know who is already on-board.

System Solutions

TerraPass from magnetic is a comprehensive screening gateway that integrated barrier boom gates, access control systems and biometric verification in one solution providing the highest levels of security.

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