Magnetic Perimeter Protection – MPT Double Turnstile

An optimum solution for managing two-way passages even in limited spaces, MPT double turnstiles is part of Magnetic’s Perimeter Protection line of products. A popular pedestrian access control choice for parks, sports arenas and company grounds, MPT comes in various operational options.

Key Features

  • Space-saving double system for two independent passageways
  • Mechanical, electromechanical or motorized designs available
  • Meets European safety standards, e.g. EN 13241
Magnetic’s double turnstiles allow adaptability to suit the intended application with various drive technologies, number of wings, colour options and wing dimensions. The MPT Double turnstile comes with a variety of material options, interlock variants, and expansions for the passage of bicycles, wheelchairs and materials. The drive technology of MPT double turnstile comes in electronic, electromagnetic and pure mechanical options.

The MPT 152 turnstile (3 & 4 wings) operates on Magnetic’s energy-efficient, maintenance-free MHTM™ drive unit, and is mostly used at company grounds. The MPT 53 turnstile (3 & 4 wings) has electromechanical locking unit while the rotary movement is generated by the users, it is often used for entry access control at leisure parks and stadiums. A conventional access control systems can control both of these versions. The purely mechanical MPT 50 (3 & 4 wings) turnstile is commonly used at swimming pools and sports facilities and allows passage only in one direction. You can buy Magnetic turnstiles in the middle east from Stebilex Systems, a leading supplier for access control and physical security products in the region. Talk to our product experts today to know more.

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