Magnetic FlowMotion – mSwing Swing Doors

mSwing swing doors from Magnetic is not only an ideal choice for monitored access for staff and visitors, but also for visitors with baggage and for those delivering packages. A part of Magnetic’s FlowMotion generation of pedestrian access control systems mSwing also offers card reading.

Key Features

  • The can be installed as single or double passage and it is wheelchair-friendly
  • Compact accommodation control systems in the centre column
  • Designed for 10,000,000 opening and closing cycles


Access barriers today are more than just solutions for barring unauthorised entry, it manages all pedestrian traffic flow – and Magnetic’s FlowMotion generation of pedestrian access control barriers addresses this requirement. The mSwing’s wide barrier elements also make it ideal for wheelchair access. The system comes with an mPost card-reader pillar in the centre offering passage using card-reading. mSwing is wide and used in facilities where a huge number of people are present, hence also offers appropriately wide escape route with a passage width of 2400mm – same as a double door. The swing door automatically opens if there is a power outage or alarm signal providing safe exit in case of emergency.

Latest products under FlowMotion series include mWing (available for delivery 1st Quarter 2020). Upcoming products under the magnetic FlowMotion series include – mTwing (2nd quarter 2020), mSlide (4th quarter 2020), and mFlap (4th quarter 2020). Reach us to know more about magnetic pedestrian gates and traffic barrier solution in the middle east.

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