With reports of COVID-19 cases increasing in thousands every day globally, the major challenge involved is curtailing its spread. While most of us are waiting out the pandemic at home, many others still have to go out and work, especially those working in critical industries like food preparation, shipping, manufacturing and healthcare.

Many of the organisations involved in these vital sectors are fighting the coronavirus for us while making sure their staff and facilities are not infected with COVID-19. To do this, they increasingly depend on detection technologies that can reduce the chances of the spread, if not eliminate it. For instance, a thermal sensing camera at entry points to measure abnormal body temperature would help to isolate potential carriers without any contact with the person and stop the virus from entering a facility, as just one case could lead to hundreds within a matter of days.

Hence, temperature sensing cameras and fever detecting Infrared systems are currently being used as an essential diagnostic tool, because fevers are one of the most common symptoms of COVID infection. Thermal sensing cameras installed in stores, offices, and factories to identify people with a high temperature in a crowd, they also offer additional safety because they are entirely hands-free.

Thermal Checking Diagram

The advantages of thermal screening:

Cost-effective: Thermal cameras measure temperatures of multiple people at once and are an effective solution for busy areas, and less costly than posting an exclusive squad for checking the temperature at entrances.

Completely Contactless: installing thermal cameras for taking the temperature of staff eliminates cross-contamination due to coming in contact with an affected person.

Avoids Paranoia: Since it is a non-interfering and frictionless process it evokes less fear reducing the psychological impact.

Data collection capabilities: The thermal cameras connected to video management and CCTV system enables data collection and analysis, it can also be integrated with other systems including facial recognition, alarm systems and access control management systems.


How does Thermal/Fever Sensing Camera work?

Thermal sensing cameras have a special lens that focuses on the infrared light emitted by all of the objects in the view. The focused light is scanned by an array of infrared-detectors to give a detailed temperature pattern – this pattern is called a thermogram. Most of the thermal detectors available in the industry take 1/9 of a second to make a thermogram from the temperature information.

The system then converts the thermogram created by the detector elements to electric impulses that ate sent to the circuit board, which translates it into data for the display. The data is displayed as various colours depending on the intensity of the infrared emission. What a controlled access system does is, it allows you to set a temperature threshold to isolate people showing temperature beyond it.

Whether it’s a hospital taking care of patients or factories working to keep the supply chain alive, they are handling a huge number of people every day. Apart from medical and logistics facilities, supermarkets and groceries are scanning customers as they enter. Even though it’s not clear how helpful they are as public-health tools, thermal cameras are slowly becoming a norm across the world that is fighting the deadly COVID-19.

Buy Thermal Imaging Camera System in Dubai

To support businesses in these challenging times and offer fail-proof security day and night, we provide body temperature sensing cameras from industry leaders. They provide 24/7 surveillance and effective isolation for people with a body temperature above the set threshold.

Stebilex Systems supply products that enable fast, non-contact, real-time inspection of staff and visitors at entry points for quick detection and identification of people with fever.

Our Solutions:

HIKVision DS-2TD2636B Thermographic Bullet Body Temperature Measurement Camera

The thermal sensing camera from HIKVision DS-2TD2636B, a part of DeepinView series, provides real-time thermal imaging for the human body. Capable of measuring the temperature of objects and people with high accuracy, the thermographic bullet body temperature measurement camera automatically detects and tracks people to raise the alarm if required. It comes with a highly sensitive module (384 x 288 resolution), 50m Infrared range and allows administrators to set a temperature threshold for monitoring.

  • High sensitivity sensor with 384 × 288 high-resolution thermal channel
  • Reliable temperature exception alarm function with a range of 30°C to 45°C
  • 4MP resolution in an optical channel


Dahua DH-TPC-BF3221-T & Thermal Body Temperature Measurement

Dahua Technology’s thermal camera with the capability to accurately capture body temperature ( Measures ±0.3℃ with blackbody) and features an AI algorithm. The system can measure body temperatures of multiple persons from up to 3m distance enabling non-contact access and screening. It features abnormality alert facility, non-mask detection, and intelligent access control. Dahua’s thermal body temperature measurement solution includes a DH-TPC-BF3221-T and JQ-D70Z that features thermal 256*192, 7mm sensors. It is DHI-IVSS7008-1I for TPC event alarm that also enables statistical report creation and exports it to the administrator system.

  • Multi-person, non-contact screening
  • Visual abnormal alert to facilitate back-tracking
  • Non-mask detection and real time temperature display


Thermal Sensing Camera Market Trends

The demand for thermal sensing cameras has risen tremendously over that last few months since the COVID-19 cases emerged. Here are some trends seen in the physical security sector.

  • 1 Companies are looking at ways to screen employees, visitors, and contractors quickly and want scalable solutions to detect elevated temperature (above 100.4°F) at the entrance itself.
  • 2 Thermal imaging cameras are one of the essential return-to-normal strategy considered by most of the business in order to maintain safety and productivity.
  • 3 Convergence is happening wherein physical security is extended to personnel health safety too in light COVID-19 pandemic, and experts believe that this is not the last of the virus.

However, thermal imaging systems are not a completely accurate solution to identify people with COVID-19; it can surely help in isolating potential cases for further testing. It is essential to revise organisational policy measures for ensuring staff and visitor health and safety. But, for entry management and access control, there are non-contact biometrics and proximity solutions that can be installed, and organisations should have the right counsel to choose the best solutions available that fit their needs.

Let Stebilex Systems help you

Stebilex System is an approved distributor for thermal sensing cameras Products in the region with delivery channels across Middle East and offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar. to measure body temperature in a safe and non-contact manner for access monitoring and for separating persons with fever or other system listed abnormalities. Talk to our product experts today to find the right solution for your access control needs.

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