One of the best brands for door access control in the world, Paxton Access is known for its simple, easy to install systems for both networked and standalone doors.

Networked Door Access Control

When you have multiple doors to manage, you need to connect individual doors to centralized software which will help you administer and manage all the doors from one place. That is one of the main advantages of having networked access control.

What does Paxton offer?

The networked system from Paxton provides

  • central control through Net 2 software, and
  • individual door access control via Paxton Net 2 controllers

The door controllers have to be connected to an online networked access control system or administration PC using an RJ45 plug into a standard TCP/IP Ethernet network. Any programming and access control function configured on the central PC is applied to each controller in the system.

However, each controller in the network works independently making its own decisions and storing event logs in case the server is shut. The Networked/IP, access control system, creates event reporting and flexible control for multiple doors.

Standalone Door Access System

What if you want a simple door access control without networking and central management set up? Paxton has a solution for you – standalone door access system.

A standalone door access system from Paxton can be configured in two way,

  • One or two Compact readers units wired directly onto a door panel to control access to the door or
  • Connected to a Switch 2 Controller (standalone access control from Paxton)

A standalone one door access system does not have the provision of using third party cards and credentials. The main disadvantage of a standalone system is that it does not offer monitoring and event reports; it merely works as an entry access solution for the door.

Did you know?

The Paxton Compact reader or keypad used in a standalone solution can only be used offline and has no provision for connecting to a PC or Server. Switch 2 cannot be connected or networked with another switch 2.

What is Switch2

A great solution for small sites, Switch2 is a simple, flexible standalone access control system. Suitable for external doors, it doesn’t require connection to a PC and comprises a control unit and a reader.

Why do you need Switch 2?

Being a standalone system, Switch2 requires no PC network, allowing you to install it on only those doors that you wish to. It also allows easy and quick addition of user tokens with the enrolment card that is supplied with the system. The administration is straightforward and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Stebilex’s Solution for One-Door Access Control

Paxton one-door kit from Stebilex Systems is an effective solution for controlling access of one door at any facility. The kit includes a Paxton Net 2 Plus Controller unit with a power supply unit, proximity reader, Exit button, and proximity cards and PC reader for card encoding.

Paxton Kit for Standalone Door


Option 1 [Compact readers units wired directly onto a door panel to control access to the door]:

Option 2 [Connected to a Switch2 Controller]:

GEM locks for Paxton One-door Kit

GEM Gianni manufactures electromagnetic locks, strikes and drop-bolts etc with the main advantage being its integrability with third party access control systems. GEM, Taiwan based access hardware manufacturer, supplies its own design and OEM products that are compatible with leading cloud-based and standalone access controllers, readers and push-button.

Advantages of Paxton Networked One Door Kit

The one door control kit offers Paxton’s Net2′ innovative access control features including integration with  monitoring, reporting and time and attendance management system.

  • Intruder alarm integration and live events monitoring
  • The system is enabled with data collection and reporting
  • CCTV Integration
  • Timesheet & Timeline (with 2 readers)
  • Online solution managed with Net 2 Software Lite
*** EDR is required for Maglock, Drop bolt lock

Let Stebilex Systems help you

Stebilex Systems is an approved distributor for Paxton Access in the region, our Paxton one-door kit is created with best products available for efficient access management of a single door in a facility. Paxton is a UK based market leader in cost-efficient high-grade access control systems and secures around 25000 buildings with its products. Talk to our product experts today to find the right solution for your access control needs. With delivery channels across the Middle East, we have our offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar.

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