Bollards have become an essential part of almost all security and infrastructure safety plans today, while a lot more historic facilities are also deploying bollards to improve people movement and vehicle traffic. From simple waist-high fixed bollards to fully automatic retractable ones, bollards have evolved parallelly with the automobile industry.

They are widely used at facilities with a risk of vehicle damage, e.g.; banks, schools, government offices, museums, military buildings and corner buildings all should consider the installation of bollards.

With a wide range of physical security solutions, FAAC provides high-quality bollards for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic management, as well as impact-resistant crash bollards for critical facilities. FAAC is also known for its automatic bollards and other systems like gates, barriers, doors, parking and access control.

Benefits of Installing Bollards for Safety

Manage traffic

Bollard plays an essential part in traffic management for managing diversions, semi-closure and vehicle barriers.

Secure facilities

Bollards are an essential installation providing security from accidental and intentional damage from vehicles and stopping unauthorised entry to facilities. Facilities with a risk of vehicle damage can be secured with bollards.

Prevent unauthorised parking

Very useful in urban planning and preventing unauthorised parking on the curb and sidewalks; bollards provide a barrier at the end of parking areas.

Pedestrian safety

Bollards are most commonly used for pedestrian traffic management in crowded street corners and near crosswalks to ensure the safety of pedestrians.

FAAC’s Bollard Product Range

Buy Retractable Bollard FAAC J200 SA

J200 Series Bollards: Suitable for permanent installations to define residential pedestrian areas and at traffic junctions, FAAC’s J200 series comes in fully automatic, semi-automatic and fixed models. They do not need additional wiring and are 600mm tall and come with a 200mm Cylinder diameter.

Buy Retractable Bollard FAAC J275 HA 2K- Automatic Traffic Bollards

J275 Series Bollards: Mostly used in commercial and industrial spaces J275 range regulates vehicle access to restricted areas and comes in fully automatic, semi-automatic retractable models and a fixed model. The bollard comes in maximum 800mm cylinder height and 275mm diameter.

Buy Fixed Bollard FAAC J275 F 2K- Automatic Traffic Bollards

J275 2K Series Bollards: Ideal for intensive use areas J275 2K meets ASTM F2656-07 standard and comes in automatic, semi-automatic and fixed models. It is an ideal vehicular access control solution for critical areas, such as military sites, airports, embassies, consulates, banks, marine zones, prisons, and industrial sites etc.


J355 M30-P1 Series Bollards: Designed to stop a 6,800 kg lorry travelling at 50Km/h (=30M/h), FAAC’s J355 M30-P1 Series Bollards offer perimeter security for critical facilities and sensitive areas. They are available in both fixed and automatic models.


J355 M50 Series Bollards: The J355 M50 Series security bollards come in automatic and fixed models to offer safety for sensitive areas like embassies and military facilities. Despite the low excavation depth, the J355 F M50 bollard is able to stop a 6,800 kg lorry travelling at 80Km/h (=50M/h). The bollard height is 1200mm from the ground.

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