With urban settlements increasing rapidly and rising environmental concerns, innovation in the public transportation sphere is essential for moving over four billion city dwellers across the world. A technologically advanced and effectively streamlined traffic network for trains, underground tunnels, motorways, buses and terminals, as well as for the last mile non-motorised transportation can improve sustainability and yet be convenient for users.

Emerging access control and automation technologies have drastically broadened the opportunities for public transport, they have helped improve security, reduce travel time and provide affordability. These advanced technologies could be game-changers and could make it people’s preferred form of travel.

Keeping this in mind Magnetic, a part of FAAC Group, has created several solutions that make public transport processes both quicker and safer. The products range from automated perimeter security – turnstiles and barriers to automatic ticket fare collection and checking solutions to other access control products.

Magnetic Transport Solution Advantages:

Quick Ticket inspection

Magnetic ticket inspection terminals are ideal for variable transport facilities including underground systems, railways, buses, ships and even for visitors at Opera houses or sports arenas. They provide faster visitor and passenger management, which is essential for a high passenger volume. They allow unsupervised and rapid contactless individualisation.

Access Control

Rapid car park barriers with tailgating prevention for reliable ticket
inspection in all car parks and parking areas. Barriers and terminals for controlling access to company grounds, to employee car parks and other protected areas in the facility.

Pedestrian and Perimeter Protection

With contactless proximity reading, Magnetic’s turnstile and swing gates provide rapid functioning and effective individualisation of passengers, while full height turnstiles and wider gates offer safe passage for bicycles and wheelchairs etc. The swing gates also provide reliable monitoring of employees and service providers to the public transport facilities

Magnetic Products for Public Transportation

Buy Magnetic Automated Fare Collection MPR wing gates in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MPR Wing for Automated Fare CollectionDesigned for Automated Fare Collection (AFC) the MPR pedestrian wing gates from Magnetic offer 0.3sec opening speed and contactless ticket inspection. The gates come with integrated control systems that allow easy installation and configuration with existing systems. It allows bidirectional access control.

Get Magnetic Automated Fare Collection MPW swing gates in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MPW Swing Gates Automatic Ticket Inspection The MPW swing gate from Magnetic is ideal for public transport facilities. Its housing offers space for all conventional ticketing systems. It provides an opening time of 0.6 seconds for standard passage, 1.0 seconds for wheelchair access. The powerful sensor technology in the MPW swing gates enables completely contactless passage.

Buy Magnetic Automated Fare Collection MPH high swing gates in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MPH Swing Gates for Automated Ticket Inspection Magnetic’s MPH swing gates provide increased security and are suitable for installation at unsupervised zones. The swing gate has doors with 120, 150 or 180 cm and a continuous glass wall that effectively prevent anyone from climbing over. It offers opening times of 0.6 to 1.2 seconds for standard passage, 1.0 to 1.4 seconds for wheelchair access.

Buy Magnetic Automated Fare Collection MPP-turnstiles in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MPP Turnstiles for Automated Ticket Inspection The MPP tripod turnstile is suitable for the harsh environment so can be used outdoors as access control for parks and sports facilities. The turnstile has an automatic drop-arm feature for emergencies and in case of a power outage.

Buy Magnetic Perimeter Protection MPB turnstile in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

MPB Turnstile with Bicycle Gate The MPB turnstiles are a comprehensive solution for both people and bicycle parking simultaneously. The gate controls access to bike parking and can be configured with bike locator systems etc.

Buy Magnetic Parking Pro Barrier in UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia

Parking Pro Car Park Barrier In addition to turnstiles and swing gates, Magnetic provides outdoor traffic management solutions for public transport facilities, Parking Pro car park barrier offers rapid vehicle barrier for managing access to the parking lot. The barrier offers a very short opening time of 1.3 seconds and also comes in an optional articulated boom for low ceiling heights.

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Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for Magneti’s vehicle and pedestrian access control solutions, as well as automated fare collections and ticket validation systems. Our delivery channel across the Middle East is efficiently served by local offices in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar. Magnetic, is a subsidiary of FAAC Group known for its innovative parking and pedestrian gate solutions. The Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia use pedestrian barriers from the company, as is the Estádio do Maracanã in Rio, Brazil. The company has also supplied over 25 e-gates at the Dubai Airports and Parking Pro vehicle barriers to Frankfurt Airport in Germany.  Talk to our product experts today to find the right solution for your physical security requirement.

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