Smart offices and facilities with automated lighting, air conditioning and security systems are gaining more and more popular among businesses for their accuracy and efficiency. Currently, the Covid-19 virus has affected most of the businesses globally and advanced biometrics and access control technologies can ensure more than just efficiency, they contribute to the workspace security by offering monitoring, detection and reporting, as well as by controlling access of unauthorised entrants without any hygienic risk.

Tackling threats in industrial environments

In addition to the hardhats, earplugs, gloves, gas masks, guardrails, harnesses, protective goggles and high visibility clothing which protects the workers on the job, latest digital technologies help in minimising the risk of communicable diseases. No-touch biometrics and proximity access control allows easy access in highly risky environments, and provide real-time analytics, advanced sensors and embedded systems a number of key functionalities:

No-touch biometric technologies

Advanced no-touch biometric access control technologies improve workplace safety on multiple fronts, first of they are preventive, and are free from any hygiene risk. Given the current scenario with Covid-19 and newer infectious diseases surfacing, they are a perfect solution for the future. Biometric access technology is fool-proof and completely eliminates the risk of unauthorised access to your facility.

Purchase Iris ID iCAM7 series identity access system
Iris ID iCAM 7 series
  • Iris recognition for access control from 11-15 inches (28-38cm) away
  • Easy Non-intrusive, Non-contact User Interface
  • Integrated Contactless Smart Card Reader
  • Matching (1:N) one to millions template depending on architecture
Buy Iris ID iCAM D1000 Identity Access System

Iris ID iCAM D1000

  • Takes ISO standard iris images in less than one second
  • Captures face and iris from 75cm away and has Auto Zoom & Auto Focus
  • Dual Iris & Face capture in Less than 2 to 3 seconds
Buy MorphoWave Compact by IDEMIA

IDEMIA MorphoWave Compact

  • Contactless 3D fingerprint technology for access control
  • Captures and matches 4 fingers on either right or left hand
  • Stores 20,000 user records (2*4 fingers each) for for 1:N identification
IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition (supports 20,000 users, 3D facial recognition)

IDEMIA VisionPass Facial Recognition

  • Wide-angle detection for persons of all sizes (1.20-2.00m)
  • Touchless face sensor with contactless reader option
  • Internal storage capacity for 20,000 user records extendable up to 40,000
ViRDI UBio - X Pro Advanced Face & Finger Recognition Terminal (150,000 face templates/second, 2GB RAM, 5in LCD, Card reading)

Virdi UBio X Pro Face

  • Facial and fingerprint recognition terminal
  • Also options for proximity card reading
  • Facial matching for speed at 150,000 Templates / Second

Environmental monitoring

Robust sensors integrated to detect presence and passage at doors and gates to a facility not only help in detecting unauthorised entry but also offer an automatic emergency opening for safe passage in an emergency. Additionally, video surveillance and live monitoring can avoid serious dangers.

Buy IDEMIA Augmented Vision in UAE, Saudi and Qatar

IDEMIA Augmented Vision

  • Real-time video analytics solution for monitoring and safety
  • Monitors employee access to buildings or areas requiring authorisation
  • Allows remote access and authentication management by operators

Proximity detection

While RFID recognition technology is mostly used in automating rolling stocks to avoid accidents at logistics facilities, they can also provide easy and no contact access in hospitals for staff and patients. Thus reduce the risk of diseases spread through contact, and at the same time ensure no-pause convenient passage for medical staff to easily move around specific areas including sterile environments such as operating theatres and laboratories. Proximity detection systems utilise wearable or cards and fobs to track access and monitor workers’ locations.

Proximity access control for vehicles and people are preventive too, they allow safety personnel to know exactly where everyone is if an accident happens.

Proximity compact - single door access control system.

Paxton P38

  • Supports 125kHz Proximity tokens and a contactless read-range of 100mm
  • Used with Switch2 and Net2 systems
  • Features multi technology reading
Access Control- Proximity reader - P50

Paxton P50

  • Supports 125kHz Proximity tokens and a contactless read-range of 100mm
  • Used with Switch2 and Net2 systems
  • Features multi-technology reading
Paxton Compact proximity reader – P75

Paxton P75

  • Supports 125kHz Proximity tokens and a contactless read-range of 100mm
  • Used with Switch2 and Net2 systems
  • Features multi technology reading, compatible with Paxton, EM HID® Prox cards

Nedap UPass Target

  • Provides contactless access control
  • With no human intervention UPass target offers vehicle identification 10m away
  • Used as access control systems at industrial sites and logistic depots
Nedap Long-range UHF Reader - uPASS Reach

Nedap UPass Reach

  • Offers excellent read-range up to 5m (16.4 ft
  • Vehicle access control at car parks, gated communities and staff parking areas
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors use
Nedap hands free UHF Reader - uPASS Access

Nedap UPass Access

  • Offers hands-free door access solution powered by passive Ultra high frequency (UHF)
  • Identifies people from 2m (6.5 ft) distance
  • Suitable for indoor applications at hospitals, care homes and universities

It is high time that we utilise our technological resources to protect systems and personnel better and create smarter, safer and more sustainable environments.

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