IDEMIA Augmented Vision

IDEMIA’s latest technology innovation Augmented Vision is a real-time video analytics solution providing enhanced security in public places with high-turnover of people by optimising existing video management solution with features like facial detection and access management features.

  • Augmented Vision performs real-time monitoring
  • Comes with a forensic tagging feature to enhance metadata on individuals
  • Multi-role feature – facial detection, access control, and VIP identification
  • Augmented Vision uses everyday off-the-shelf hardware
Augmented Vision is an accurate solution based on IDEMIA’s breakthrough biometric access control system and deep learning capabilities. The facial recognition software enables fast reaction time from security officers by providing real-time video data recognising vulnerable, missing or any person of interest. The commercial off -the-shelf (COTS) real-time video analytics solution optimises video management of CCTV cameras to alert security staff, as well as uses cameras to allow access to approved staff and visitors using facial recognition. Also provides VIP identification and management with its known-face detection feature.

An ideal solution for public and private places demanding stringent preventive measures and higher security, Augmented Vision allows incident prevention in time by alerts security professional about persons of interest. The video analytics tool helps take the stress off security teams and enables them to focus on what matters more. The solution is also widely used for post-event investigations. Using Open API standards the Augmented Vision offers unmatched integration with other systems that manage videos and access control. The easy-to-use interface of Augmented Vision provides simple execution without any complex processes or time-consuming training sessions. Contact Stebilex Systems to procure IDEMIA products and technologies in the Middle East.

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