HID Lumidigm V Series Fingerprint Module

HID Global’s V-Series Fingerprint Modules provide excellent biometric reading capability with its patented multispectral imaging and liveness detectors make it four times faster.

  • Multispectral imaging with liveness detection
  • MINEX III minutia algorithm supports ANSI/ISO standards
  • Four times faster capture than earlier V30x versions
  • Captures an image in maximum 800ms
The reader features MINEX III certified algorithm for better accuracy and FBI-certified WSQ image compression for fast and accurate image transfers. The V-series modules are easy to integrate into a variety of access control system and products such as ATMs, medical dispensing devices and others, using USB or RS-232 interfaces. The V-series modules conform to various international standards for interoperability (ANSI and ISO fingerprint minutiae template standards). The V-series supports image template, and match score outputs on embedded or streaming operating modes with advanced tools on Lumidigm SDK 6.0. The Streaming version of V-Series modules (V310) include the MINEX II algorithm. Stebilex Systems specialise in access control technology distributions including biometric solutions from HID Global. Talk to our products experts today to buy HID V- Series Modules or to know what suits your facility and security requirements.

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