Paxton NET 2 Proximity Magstripe ISO Cards

Paxton Net 2 Proximity Magstripe ISO Cards are supplied in a pack of 10s and issued using access control software by entering the user’s credentials. The Net2 Proximity Magstripe cards support dual reading capability and are powered by Paxton’s proprietory Hitag2 technology for encoding.

Key Features

  • Supplied in a pack of 10s
  • Powered with Hitag2 technology
  • Highly secure ISO cards with Magstripe

The token number for Net2 Proximity card with both Magstripe and ISO technology is entered by presenting the token to the desktop reader. The access is granted or by simply presenting the card to a reader. The Hitag2 technology includes an authentication protocol that exchanges a password between the card and the reader, providing an additional layer of security for your system.

Paxton is a UK based market leader and a cost-effective access control system that secures around 25000 buildings with its products. Paxton proximity tokens and magstripe cards for use with the Net2 system. Paxton Net 2 Proximity Magstripe ISO Cards are highly efficient access control tokens from Paxton. Stebilex Systems is an approved supplier of Paxton products in the Middle east. Talk to our product experts today to find the right products to meet your requirements.

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