Paxton Net2 desktop reader – USB (514-326-EX)

The USB connected reader is designed to conveniently be placed on the desk for adding tokens to a Net2 access control system and to identify lost tokens. The card reader is compatible with Net2 and MIFARE® tokens.

Key Features

  • Add tokens quickly and accurately, and aids in and the owner of a lost token
  • Simple USB connection
  • Reads Net2 & MIFARE® tokens

When presented with a new card\fob is presented to the reader and an easy to follow wizard on the Net2 software walks the administrator through steps for adding it. The easy integration device just requires USB connection and offers plug and play utility. The name and details of the new user can be entered on the PC after presenting the card to the reader for issuing.

The reader also allows identification and lost cards, by presenting it to the reader the administrator can see the name and details of the card’s user. The Paxton Net2 desktop reader – USB offers proximity reading Token compatibility with Paxton EM, Mifare, and HID® Prox (activation required) cards. The desktop reader 350-910 supports magstripe reading. You can buy all Paxton products from Stebilex Systems in the middle east.

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Product Code/Part Number: 514-326-EX

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