Fortify Your Security with Automated Road Blockers for Seamless Physical Security in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE!

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Ultimate Defense

Top-tier road blockers, safeguarding Al Nuaimiya, Ajman critical infrastructure.

Seamless Control

Automated solutions offering swift access management and enhanced security.

Secure with Confidence

Invest in road blockers to fortify your physical security seamlessly.

Unlock the Power of Security: Road Blockers Redefining Safety Standards in Ajman, UAE! Uncompromising Security Solutions: Road Blockers for Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE Businesses!

Discover the power of our advanced road blockers, specifically designed to meet the security demands of businesses in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman. Our automated road blockers provide unparalleled protection against potential threats, ensuring the safety of your premises. Invest in security you can rely on, and safeguard your valuable assets with our top-of-the-line road blockers.

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M50-K12 Automatic Road Blockers

What are Road Blockers?

Road blockers are security barriers used to control vehicular access. They are automated systems designed to stop unauthorized vehicles and enhance security measures. In Al Nuaimiya, Ajman you can purchase road blockers to bolster your security infrastructure.

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Secure Your Commercial Space with Ground-Breaking Benefits of Road Blockers in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE!

Unparalleled Security

Experience robust protection against unauthorized vehicle access with high-performance road blockers./p>

Automated Efficiency


Experience seamless traffic management with advanced automated road blockers.

Tailored Solutions

Select from the range of road blockers and customize to meet the unique security needs of businesses in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman.

Deter Potential Threats

The presence of road blockers acts as a powerful deterrent, discouraging potential intruders and criminals.

Optimal Access Control

Ensure only authorized vehicles can enter your premises, enhancing overall security.

Quick and Easy Installation

Our road blockers are designed for hassle-free installation, minimizing disruption to your business operations.

Versatile Applications

Suitable for a wide range of commercial settings, including government buildings, airports, and industrial facilities.

Enhanced Safety


Prevent accidents and protect pedestrians by effectively controlling vehicular traffic flow.

Weather Resistant

Built to withstand harsh weather conditions in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman our road blockers maintain reliable functionality year-round.

Low Maintenance

Our road blockers require minimal upkeep, reducing long-term costs and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Compliance with Regulations

Our road blockers meet the necessary safety standards and regulations set by Al Nuaimiya, Ajman authorities.

Enhance Your Security with Automated Road Blockers: Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Solution in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE!


Assess your security needs and safeguard your premises with our road blockers that align with your specific security goals.


Select from our diverse range of road blockers that fit your specific size requirements, ensuring optimal security without obstructing traffic flow.


Invest in robust road blockers capable of withstanding high impact forces. Our road blockers provide reliable protection against potential threats.


Opt for road blockers that offer flexible control options. Our road blockers provide high-tech security control for seamless experience.


Ensure the Compatibility of road blockers. Our road blockers are compatible with almost all security infrastructures, enabling efficient monitoring and management.


Seek road blockers that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements. Leverage our bespoke solutions today.


Choose our road blockers that can be easily installed and require minimal maintenance, minimizing downtime and maximizing operational efficiency.


Select our road blockers with advanced security features like anti-tamper mechanisms, intrusion detection, and remote monitoring for enhanced protection.


Determine your budget and explore our range of road blockers that offer the best balance between cost and quality, ensuring long-term value for your investment.


We ensure our road blockers comply with local regulations and safety standards, ensuring legal compliance and peace of mind.

Experience the Superiority of Our Automated Road Blockers Today!

Leading Brands We Trust

Count on the reliability of our trusted brands for unmatched quality and peace of mind.

  • TiSO, a leading manufacturer, installer, and maintainer of security solutions, has revolutionized safety worldwide for 25 years.
  • With over 350 dedicated professionals, TiSO ensures compliance with international standards, offering top-notch turnstiles, fire-resistant doors, and more.
  • TiSO’s global presence spans across 70+ countries, with installations ranging from nuclear power stations to iconic landmarks.
  • Established in 2006, Arma Kontrol is a leading Turkish manufacturer of cutting-edge physical security solutions.
  • With a track record of supplying safety solutions to thousands of global projects, Arma Kontrol excels in delivering top-notch security products.
  • Arma Kontrol’s commitment to quality is evident through its adherence to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified management systems.
  • Hormann, a multi-generational enterprise, pioneers cutting-edge physical security solutions.
  • With a rich legacy spanning generations, Hormann Group is renowned for its premium-solutions.
  • With 100+ sales locations across 40+ countries, Hormann’s global presence is strengthened by innovative security solutions.

Our Best-Selling Products

Choose from our Premier Products – The Ultimate All-in-One Security Solutions for Comprehensive Protection.

TiSO Ultra Shallow Road Blockers 80kph

  • RB332-01, RB333-01, and RB334-01 are cutting-edge, PAS68/IWA14-1 compliant road blockers designed for enhanced perimeter protection.
  • These innovative ultra shallow blockers are crash-tested and built to withstand a 7,500 kg truck traveling at 80 kph.
  • With a height of 950 mm and a mounting depth of 200 mm, they are easy to install, maintain, and highly reliable.
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ultra shallow road blockers 7,5t_80kph with safery skirt 2020
M50 High Security Road Blocker Series

TiSO High-Security Road Blockers RB332, RB333, RB334

  • Cutting-edge TiSO High-Security Road Blockers RB332, RB333, and RB334 ensure unparalleled vehicle anti-ramming defense.
  • M50 (K12) ANTI-RAM CLASS ASTM F2656-07, M50, P1 (-2.4m) certification confirms top-tier security standards.
  • TiSO M50 series offers reliable, long-lasting, and versatile road blockers, successfully tested for high-intensity operations.
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Arma Kontrol Mobile Road Blocker

  • Cutting-edge Arma Kontrol Mobile Road Blocker provides portable security with quick installation, damage-free deterrence, and energy efficiency.
  • Customizable mobile road blockers boast rapid deployment, 4-5 second operation, and optional safety features like flashing lights and traffic lamps.
  • Arma Kontrol’s MBL-RB utilizes solar energy, offering damage-free deterrence against fast-moving vehicles.
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Arma Kontrol Hydraulic Road Blocker

  • Cutting-edge RB series road blockers by Arma Kontrol, integrating EFO for swift 2-second rising.
  • Secure access control in critical sites with hydraulic road blockers, IP67 rated and steel-built.
  • Versatile Arma Kontrol road blocker, easily integrated with bollards & access systems, ranging 500-6000mm.
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Horman Road Blocker 1000

  • Horman Road Blocker 1000 is a 6m-wide security marvel with 1000mm-high barricade, ultimate protection.
  • PAS68-certified, withstands 7.5-tonne lorry at 80 km/h, EFO for emergencies.
  • Automatic, retractable to ground, LED lighting, perfect for high-frequency operation.
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Hormann Road Blocker 500

  • Hormann Road Blocker 500, a 6m-wide barrier with 500mm height, ensures unauthorized vehicle prevention.
  • With PAS68 crash certification and 2000 daily movements, Hormann Road Blocker impresses.
  • Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) provides a speedy 1.5-second opening, prioritizing safety.
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Secure your pathway with automated Road Blockers for unmatched security solutions in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman.



Safeguard runways and restricted areas with advanced road blockers for enhanced perimeter security.

Government Buildings

Government Buildings

Ensure foolproof security at government institutions with automated road blockers, preventing unauthorized vehicle access.


Commercial Complexes

Safeguard shopping malls, hotels, and corporate offices from unauthorized vehicles, enhancing customer and employee safety.

Educational Institutions

Industrial Sites

Safeguard industrial facilities from unauthorized access and potential threats using robust road blockers.


Military Installations

Ensure maximum security at military bases with automated road blockers, acting as the first line of defense.

road blockers min

Border Checkpoints

Enhance border security by deploying road blockers that effectively control vehicle movement and deter illegal crossings.

Residential Communities

VIP Residences

Provide top-notch security for VIP residences by installing road blockers to prevent unauthorized entry and ensure privacy.


Educational Institutions

Implement an additional layer of security in schools, colleges, and universities to safeguard students, staff, and premises.


Stadiums and Sport Areas

Secure public spaces, sports stadiums, and concert venues to prevent vehicle-based attacks and maintain a safe environment for attendees.

Entertainment Venues

Critical Infrastructure

Create a robust defense around sensitive facilities such as prisons, research centers, power plants and data centers.

Explore our Premier Road Blockers.

Why Choose Stebilex Systems for Automated Road Blockers?

  • Trusted Supplier

    We are the leading supplier of road blockers in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, trusted by countless satisfied customers for our top-notch quality and reliable solutions.
  • Expertise
    With years of experience in the industry, our team of experts possesses the knowledge and technical know-how to provide you with the most advanced automated road blockers for enhanced security.
  • Quality Assurance

    Quality is our priority. Our road blockers undergo rigorous testing and adhere to the highest industry standards, assuring you of reliable, long-lasting products that provide uncompromising security.
  • Competitive Pricing

    At Stebilex Systems, we offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. Our road blockers provide excellent value for your investment, offering robust security solutions at affordable rates.
  • Timely Delivery

    We understand the importance of time in security implementations. With our efficient processes and strong supply chain, we ensure on-time delivery of your road blockers, allowing you to maintain your project timelines.
  • Unparalleled Support

    At Stebilex Systems, we believe in going the extra mile. Our dedicated support team is always ready to assist you, ensuring smooth installation, maintenance, and any assistance you may need along the way.

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About Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE

Al Nuaimiya is a vibrant district in Ajman, a beautiful emirate in the United Arab Emirates. This area is known for its bustling streets, diverse community, and a mix of residential and commercial spaces. Al Nuaimiya offers a range of amenities, including shopping centres, schools, parks, and mosques, making it a convenient and lively place to live and work. With its unique blend of culture and modernity, Al Nuaimiya is a prominent part of Ajman’s landscape.

Famous Places in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE

    • Ajman Museum
      Ajman Museum is a treasure trove of Emirati history. It showcases artifacts and exhibits that reveal the rich heritage of the UAE, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.
    • Al Jarah Cultural Center
      This centre is a hub for art and culture in Al Nuaimiya. It hosts various events, from art exhibitions to live performances, providing a platform for local talents to shine.
    • Aqua Bounce Ajman
      For a splash of fun, Aqua Bounce Ajman is the place to be. It’s an inflatable water park where you can jump, slide, and bounce your way into a fantastic time.
    • Ajman Beach
      Ajman Beach is a serene escape from the bustling city. With soft sand and clear waters, it’s a perfect spot for a relaxing day under the sun.
    • Ajman City Centre
      Shopaholics rejoice at Ajman City Centre. It’s a shopping and entertainment complex with a variety of stores, dining options, and even a cinema for a complete day out.
    • UAE Pygmy Zoo
      This unique zoo houses adorable pygmy animals. It’s a delightful place for families to see tiny creatures like pygmy goats and rabbits up close and personal.
    • Al Nuaimia Mosque
      Al Nuaimia Mosque is a spiritual haven. With its stunning architecture and peaceful ambience, it’s a place where you can connect with your faith and find tranquillity.

Things to do in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman, UAE

  • Explore Ajman Museum for Emirati history and artifacts that reveal the UAE’s rich heritage.
  • Visit Al Jarah Cultural Center for art exhibitions and live performances showcasing local talents.
  • Have a blast at Aqua Bounce Ajman, an inflatable water park full of fun activities.
  • Unwind at Ajman Beach, a peaceful spot with soft sands and crystal-clear waters.
  • Go shopping at Ajman City Centre, offering a variety of stores, dining options, and a cinema.
  • Discover the unique UAE Pygmy Zoo, where you can see adorable pygmy animals up close.
  • Find tranquillity at Al Nuaimia Mosque, a place of spiritual reflection with stunning architecture.
  • Savour local and international cuisine at the numerous restaurants in Al Nuaimiya.
  • Stroll or cycle around the well-maintained parks and scenic areas in the neighbourhood.
  • Engage in watersports like kayaking and paddleboarding at the beautiful Al Zorah Lagoon.
  • Attend local cultural events and festivals to experience the traditions and customs of the UAE.
  • Explore the archaeological site at Tell Abraq, providing insights into the region’s ancient history.
  • Enjoy a game of golf at the lush Al Zorah Golf Club, boasting a challenging course and picturesque views.
  • Take a relaxing spa day at one of the luxurious wellness centres in Al Nuaimiya.
  • Join a guided tour to learn about the local flora and fauna at the Al Zorah Natural Reserve.

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Products from Stebilex

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of road blockers in commercial security?

The purpose of road blockers in commercial security is to create a robust physical barrier, preventing unauthorized access and enhancing overall safety.


Why choose Arma Kontrol road blockers for commercial properties in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman?

Arma Kontrol road blockers provide warranty for their customers. Though warranty may vary from product model to model. For further information contact Stebelix Systems.

What kind of warranty is provided for Arma Kontrol road blockers?

Arma Kontrol road blockers provide warranty for their customers. Though warranty may vary from product model to model. For further information contact Stebelix Systems.

How long is the typical delivery time for Arma Kontrol road blockers in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman?

Typically at Stebilex Systems, we deliver products within 24 hours. But in case of delay or any delivery related query connect with our support team.

Are there any additional charges for warranty services or repairs?

Typically there are no additional charges for warranty services or repairs, but it may vary under specific instances. In case of any confusion you may connect with our support team.

What are the key features of Arma Kontrol road blockers?

Key features of Arma Kontrol road blockers include advanced automation, high durability, and seamless integration with security systems.

Can Arma Kontrol road blockers integrate with other security systems?

Yes, Arma Kontrol road blockers can seamlessly integrate with other security systems for enhanced protection and control.

How to select the right road blocker for commercial security needs?

Selecting the right road blocker for commercial security needs involves considering factors like site requirements, traffic volume, and threat levels. You can connect with our sales team for comprehensive guidance.


What is the installation process for Arma Kontrol road blockers?

The installation process for Arma Kontrol road blockers is streamlined and carried out by experienced professionals for optimal functionality. You can always talk about your requirements during presale inquiry.

Are Arma Kontrol road blockers weather-resistant for Al Nuaimiya, Ajman climate?

Arma Kontrol road blockers are designed to be weather-resistant, withstanding Dubai’s climate conditions without compromising performance.

How to maintain Arma Kontrol road blockers?

To maintain Arma Kontrol road blockers, regular inspections, cleaning, and servicing are recommended to ensure prolonged durability.

Can Arma Kontrol road blockers be customized for specific requirements?

Yes, Arma Kontrol road blockers can be customized to meet specific requirements, providing tailored solutions for your commercial security needs.

What after-sales support and warranty are provided for Arma Kontrol road blockers by Stebilex Systems in Al Nuaimiya, Ajman?

Stebilex Systems ensures 360 degree support with pre-sales and after-sales support and warranty for Arma Kontrol road blockers in Dubai, UAE, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Can Stebilex Systems assist with installation and setup of Arma Kontrol road blockers upon delivery?

Yes, Stebilex Systems can assist with the installation and setup of Arma Kontrol road blockers upon delivery, offering a hassle-free experience.

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