PERCo TTR-11A Motorized Tripod Turnstile

The PERCo TTR-11A Motorized tripod turnstile, is a versatile access control solution for various settings. Its built-in motor ensures barrier arms move seamlessly, and “Anti-panic” arms enhance safety. Conveniently install readers under the top cover, integrating with additional equipment for a tailored setup.

Key Features

  • 8-year lifespan withstands 3,000,000 passages
  • Operates outdoors, handles -40°C to +55°C
  • Handles 30 or 60 persons/min flow rates
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The PERCo TTR-11A Motorized tripod turnstile serves as a crucial access management tool, proficiently governing the flow of individuals. Designed to be both efficient and resilient, it caters to diverse environments, from bustling railway stations to secure administrative institutions. Operating on 24 V DC, with a power consumption of 150 W and a current draw of 5.5 A, this turnstile guarantees reliability. Boasting two passage directions, it achieves a throughput rate of 30 persons/min in single passage mode and 60 persons/min in free passage mode. Its sturdy build, measuring 800×760×1055 mm, accommodates a 500 mm passageway width.

Incorporating advanced engineering, the turnstile operates within a broad temperature range from -40 °C to +55 °C, safeguarded by an IP42 rating. With a lifespan of 8 years and a mean time to failure of 3,000,000 passages, it is a testament to durability. RFID readers can be conveniently installed within dimensions not exceeding 150×70×28 mm. An innovative “anti-panic” feature guarantees swift evacuation during emergencies, triggered by access control systems or power outages. Operable through an access control system, RC panel, or WRC, this versatile turnstile adapts to diverse operational needs.

The integration of fire alarm control input, intrusion detectors, and sirens offers enhanced safety. To optimize passage flow, a guideline recommends one turnstile per 500 individuals or based on peak loads of 30 people/minute. Procure these advanced turnstiles from Stebilex Systems, the trusted supplier in UAE, Qatar, and Egypt. Elevate your access management with the PERCo TTR-11A Motorized tripod turnstile, combining efficiency and security seamlessly.

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Brands PERCo
Product Code/Part Number: TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile

Frequently Asked Questions

What environments are suitable for the PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile?

The PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile thrives in diverse environments, from industrial sites to banks, shops, railway stations, and airports, ensuring smooth access control management.

How does the "Anti-panic" feature work on the turnstile?

The “Anti-panic” feature swiftly activates during emergencies, responding to signals from the system or power loss, automatically lowering the arms to facilitate quick and safe passage.

Can I integrate the turnstile with my existing RFID readers?

Yes, seamlessly integrate the turnstile with your existing RFID readers by placing them beneath the radio transparent top cover for enhanced access control.

What is the throughput rate of the PERCo TTR-11A Turnstile?

The PERCo TTR-11A Turnstile achieves a throughput rate of 30 persons/min in single passage mode and 60 persons/min in free passage mode, promoting efficient crowd management.

What is the warranty and lifespan of this turnstile?

This turnstile boasts a mean lifetime of 8 years, with a mean time to failure of 3,000,000 passages, backed by PERCo’s quality and reliability standards. The warranty period for the PERCo TTR-11A Turnstile is 5 years.

Is it possible to operate the turnstile outdoors?

Absolutely, PERCo TTR-11A is designed for outdoor applications and equipped with a protective canopy, the turnstile stands strong against varying weather conditions.

What power requirements are needed for the PERCo TTR-11A?

The PERCo TTR-11A requires a 24 V DC operating voltage, with a power consumption of 150 W and a current consumption of 5.5 A, ensuring optimal performance.

How can I control the access through the turnstile?

You can control access through the turnstile via an access control system (ACS), RC-panel, or WRC, offering both autonomous and integrated management options.

Can I integrate additional safety features like intrusion detectors?

Yes, you can enhance security by integrating intrusion detectors and sirens with the turnstile, reinforcing safety measures, and enabling a comprehensive access control setup.

Where can I purchase the PERCo TTR-11A Motorized Tripod Turnstile?

You can purchase the PERCo TTR-11A Motorized Tripod Turnstile from Stebilex Systems, a trusted supplier serving UAE, Qatar, and Egypt, ensuring a reliable solution.

How can I Buy PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile?

To buy the PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile, reach out to Stebilex Systems, the authorized supplier offering this cutting-edge access control solution tailored to your needs. Connect with our sales team for comprehensive support.

What after Sales Support Stebelix Systems offer after purchasing PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile?

Stebilex Systems provides comprehensive after-sales support, ensuring a seamless experience after purchasing the PERCo TTR-11A Tripod Turnstile, including technical assistance and maintenance services. For any assistance or query reach out to our support team.

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