Nice L-BAR Electromechanical Road Barrier System

The Nice L-BAR is an electromechanical mechanism for controlling access to roads. It has a built-in control panel and can hold a bar up to 7 metres in length.


Nice Brand

Simplified programming

More safety and reliability

Energy-saving mode

Strength and durability

What is Nice L-BAR Electromechanical Road Barrier System?


The Nice L-BAR is an electromechanical mechanism for controlling access to roads. It has a built-in control panel and can hold a bar up to 7 metres in length. 


Easy programming

The Nice L-BAR comes equipped with a 24 Vdc gear motor with built-in control unit and remarkable build quality. Made from tough stainless steel supported by robust balancing springs, the Nice L-Bar is guaranteed to deliver 500,000 cycles even during extreme environmental conditions. To make establishing working settings even quicker, a control device with a display and joystick is used. The control unit has a 5DC outlet for connecting to other devices and inputs for controlling loop detectors with LP21 and LP22 attachments. 



Aluminum expansion joints make it simple to build modular bars. Due to the “master/slave” feature, conflicting automations can be controlled intelligently. Optional flashing or traffic lights can be incorporated in cover. 


Strength and reliability

Tough steel structure, new robust balancing springs assured to 2,000,000 cycles, and elliptical section shaft with high resistance to blasts of wind. Electronic limit valves and encoder movement control. 


Greater comfort and safety

Greater comfort and safety during programming and maintenance phases: interior components are shielded from dangers by distinct enclosures for the motors and electronics. Access to the control unit, which is in the top part of the barrier body, is quick and simple. Straightforward installation of the completely hidden photocells onto the chairs that were created specifically for the barrier body. More security and dependability, monitoring motor absorption during robotic movement and obstacle recognition.


Energy saving mode

The device comes with an automated fault diagnosis while in use with prompt fault signaling via predefined lighting patterns. Energy can be saved by putting the device to sleep when not in use. 


No blackouts

With the extra batteries (housed inside the gear engine), there won’t be a blackout. 


Release from side with metal key

Installed on either side, it can be released from the side with a brass key.

Nice L-BAR Electromechanical Road Barrier System - Datasheet

Characteristic Features


  • Duty Cycle: 2,000,000 Can be less Depending on Duarbilty Table 
  • Application: Medium
  • Work cycle/Hour: 150
  • Maximum consecutive work cycles: Continuous use 
  • Max Bar Length(M): Bars up from 3 to 7 m;  With 7 m bar (3+4 m); With 8 m bar (4+4 m); With 9 m bar (4+5 m) (9.33 M)
  • Articulated Arm: No
  • Opening Speed(Sec): 11 to 18
  • Body: L9BAR = Steel Case and paint finish; L9BARI = Stainless steel case
  • Protection Rating: IP54 
  • Control Board: Electronic control unit (BCU1)
  • Limit Switch: Encoder movement control and electromechanical limit switches.

1-OPEN Input 

2-CLOSE Input 

3-Stop Input

4-Step-by-Step Input

5-Radio AERIAL input 

6-Loop Detector Inputs (2)    



     1 output with maximum load of 12 Bluebus units

2-Courtesy light 

     With XBA7 LED flashing or XBA8 led traffic light 

3-Flashing light output 

     1 flashing light LUCYB, MLB or MLBT (12 V – 21 W lamp)

4-LIGHT output 

     for optional accessory XBA4 “pole lights”

5-SCA output 

     for signal indicator 24V (max 10W)

  • Mobile Support: (3+4) M Pole=YES; (4+4) M Pole=YES; (4+5) M Pole = NO
  • Skirt: (3+4) M Pole= 3 piece of WA13; (4+4) M Pole = 3 piece of WA13; (4+5) M Pole = NO
  • Backup Power: PS124=Battery+Charger (Optional) Solemyo= Solar Kit(Optional)
  • Lights: XBA7= Flashing led (Optional) XBA8= Traffic Light led (Optional)  XBA4 = Pole Light (Otional)
  • Receiver: Optional

Common Accessories


  • CORE: Nice wifi-radio Gateway
  • IBT4N: Interface for connecting the O-View programming unit
  • IT4WIFI: Smart wifi interface to manage gates and garage doors by smartphone
  • BCU1: Spare control unit
  • PS224: 24 Vdc buffer battery
  • LP21: Magnetic loop detector 1 channel
  • LP22: Magnetic loop detector 2 channels
  • SOLEMYO KIT: The solar power to automate gates, garage doors or barrier gates

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