BL 15 Rising Barrier by Automatic Systems

The BL 15 is a rising barrier created for access control in public environments that combines speed, use, and dependability. It is an effective and cost-effective product because of its alluring pricing and high production standards.

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Versatile Rising barrier that is fast, reliable and universal

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Robust body made of aluminium that makes it light and efficient

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Manual and Electronic operation for all types of situations

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Variable speed for opening and shutting

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Characteristic Features


  • A cast aluminium sole plate
  • Aluminum frame with anodizing
  • Housing panels made of lacquered aluminium (selection of 5 colours) “Qualicoat” lacquering offers exceptional corrosion protection
  • A cast aluminium hood that is key-locked
  • An oval metal arm with a section of 80 x 54 mm and red reflective strips that are painted white (RAL 9010)
  • A geared motor with a lifetime lubricated bearing and a drive shaft with a diameter of 30 mm is installed
  • Automatic opening in the event of an outage (AVR)
Download BL 15 Rising Barrier Data Sheet
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Electromechanical assembly


  • Reversible three-phase asynchronous gear motor
  • Frequency converter
  • Electronic limitation of the electromechanical assembly torque
  • Analog position sensor
  • Balancing of the arm by means of a compensating spring
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Electronic control board with adjustable inputs, outputs, and relays that is varnished


  • Variable speed for opening and shutting
  • Current arm position (open or closed)
  • Arm swing-off sensor
  • A report on technical problem information
  • A human-machine interface for modifying or adjusting the settings on the electronic control board
  • Ethernet connection with HTML interface
  • Presence detector socket (2 loops)

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