Fibaro Bypass 2 FGB-002

A light-dimming device that works with light sources with a minimum power consumption

Works with dimmer 2 and Walli Dimmer from Fibaro


Use the device only in the trailing edge mode


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Imagine you have a 0.5 W single LED bulb that you want to dim. Fibaro has a dedicated dimmer, Fibaro Bypass 2, that is used to dim light sources with minimum power consumption. The device from Fibaro acts complimentary to the Fibaro Dimmer 2, a light dimming device that works with almost all commercially available light sources. The device can work with Fibaro Dimmer 2 as well as Walli Dimmer.

The bypass 2 can not be used with all commercially available light sources. It can be used with LED bulbs or compact fluorescent lamps. Bypass 2 reduces energy loss by preventing the flickering of LED bulbs and the glowing of the switched-off compact fluorescent bulbs and it can only be worked with light sources that are clearly marked as dimmable.

Besides, the Bypass-2 from Fibaro reduces the minimum operating power of the load required by the dimmer for its proper functioning. The powering of the dimmer is provided by bypass 2 when used for lower loads with minimum power.

It is not recommended to connect the bypass-2 with a dimmer operating in the leading edge mode. The device works only in the trailing edge mode. The device can only perform significant alterations in the brightness of the load as it is quite sensitive to the frequent changes of the on and off states of the dimmer.

Buy the most compact light-dimming device the Bypass 2 from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Function as a complementary device for the dimmer 2
  • Used to dim light sources that are low-power devices
  • Can easily be installed inside the light fitting
  • Works with low-power LED lights and compact fluorescent light

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