Fibaro Swipe FGGC-001 ZW5

A battery-powered gesture-control pad that allows the user to control the connected devices through gestures

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Swipe your hand in various directions to control your smart home


A buzzer and an in-built LED indicate the completion of a function



for your home

Home automation is truly smart when you can control the functions in the most comfortable and convenient ways. Fibaro Swipe is the pioneering gesture-control pad that allows you to control the connected devices with the help of mere gestures like the waving of your hand. With the help of gestures and the finest quality sensors on the device, you can control any action or device connected to the Fibaro system.

You can also swipe your hand on the pad to give commands to the devices. The battery-powered device is Z-wave compatible and it comes with a buzzer to indicate the completion of an action. The same function is being carried out by a built-in LED that glows whenever a function is performed by the system. The device is compatible with Z-wave and Z-wave + networks and ensures great data security. Low carbon footprint technologies are used in designing the product.

The path-breaking gesture-control pad from Fibaro is the most beautifully designed and resembles a picture frame that you can customize with your favourite picture. The pad is designed in such a way that it fits any kind of modern and traditional interiors.

A path-breaking gesture-control pad that controls the devices integrated into it through Z-wave and Z-wave+ network.

You can swipe your hand in different directions, left and right, up and down, and can also perform circular motions and sequences of gestures to take control of your home from anywhere in the world. The contactless gesture detection feature is incorporated which allows you to give commands without touching the device.

The most advanced 3D motion sensors help the device give precision par excellence. With its innovative technologies and the perfect design, a Swipe is a device that can surely level up your life.

Get the most intelligent and revolutionary gesture-control pad Swipe from Fibaro

Highlights of the product

  • Z-wave and Z-wave+ compatible
  • Ensures great data security
  • The product has the feature of contactless gesture detection
  • Supports protected or security network mode with AES-128 encryption.
  • The battery acts as an emergency power source
  • Can also be powered with micro USB

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  • Technical Specification

    Power Source Batteries and/or 5V DC power supply (batteries included)
    DC supply connector Micro-USB
    Battery type 4 x 1.5V AA
    Radio protoco Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    Radio frequency 868.4, 868.42 or 869.8 MHz EU
    908.4, 908.42 or 916.0 MHz US
    921.4, 921.42 or 919.8 MHz ANZ
    869.0 or 869.02 MHz RU
    Range up to 40m (131 ft)
    (Depending on building structure)
    Dimensions 178 x 130 x 29 mm

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