Fibaro Door | Window Sensor 2 FGDW-002 ZW5

Battery-powered, wireless magnetic contact sensor that informs about opening and closing of windows/doors

An in-built temperature sensor monitors and controls the room temperature


The status of the device is signaled by an LED indicator


Tamper and damage protection feature ensures great safety to your home


Smart Home


The Door/Window Sensor 2 from Fibaro is a wireless, battery-powered magnetic contact sensor that gives information about the opening and closing of doors, windows, garage doors, etc. It works on the platform of Z-wave and Z-wave+ networks, popular home automation wireless communication protocols.

It detects the opening of the door by sensing the separation of the magnet from the sensor’s body. The device can be used to trigger scenes. Besides, whenever there is a need to get information about the opening/closing of the doors, the intelligent door/window sensor from Fibaro can be used.

The device has a built-in temperature sensor that helps to monitor and control the room temperature. It can be easily fitted to any doors, windows, blinds, or gates. An LED light on the device indicated status. It sends immediate notifications to your smartphone and triggers alarm scenes whenever removal or opening of the device is attempted.

The door/window sensor 2 is a smaller version of its predecessor and readily fits into any interior because of its compactness and beautiful, minimalist design. The multi-functional sensor that detects contact, temperature and tamper helps increase the safety of your home and gives you worriless days.

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Highlights of the product

  • Increases security by detecting the opening and closing of doors, windows, blinds, and gates
  • Informs instantly about opening/closing of doors, gates, and windows
  • The smaller version of the predecessor
  • Readily fits into any interior design
  • Built-in temperature sensor to monitor and control the room temperature
  • Tamper sensor protects the device from any attempt of removal or opening of the device
  • Triggers alarm scenes whenever a threat is detected
  • Instant notifications will be sent to smartphones
  • Battery-powered and can be operated wirelessly
  • Easy to install
  • Z-wave and Z-wave+ compatible
  • Supports Z-wave network security mode

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  • Technical Specification

    Battery type ER14250 ½AA, 3.6V DC battery (included)
    Battery life est. 2 years (with default settings)
    Operational temperature 0 – 40°C
    Temperature measuring range 0 – 60°C
    Temperature measuring accuracy ±0.5°C
    Radio protocol Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    Radio frequency 868.4, 869.85 MHz EU
    908.4, 916.0 MHz US
    921.4, 919.8 MHz ANZ
    869.0 MHz RU
    Compliance with RoHS 2011/65/EU
    RED 2014/53/EU
    Range up to 40m (131 ft)
    (depending on building structure)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 71 x 18 x 18 mm

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