Fibaro Intercom FGIC-002

A smart gatekeeper that monitors those who have arrived at your doorstep

An intelligent device with 180-degree high-definition view and night vision


Place it near your front door or gate and enjoy happier and safer days


Find who all have arrived at your doorstep even if you are not home


Life is just better

with Smart Home

Are you concerned about your home’s safety when you are not home? Have you ever wanted to know who all are arriving at your doorstep when you are home and not home? Taking your home itself along with you for a vacation is a good idea, isn’t it? Fibaro Intercom is all set to help you solve these. The smartest device that can be placed near your front door or gate can inform you about who all have arrived at your doorstep and help you talk to your visitors when you are enjoying a vacation at your favourite destination.

The device has a 180-degree high-definition view and night vision provides you with a panoramic view of the surroundings. It gives you information regarding your visitors including how many people have come, at what time, and who are they?
Unlike other Fibaro smart devices used in home automation, this device is not a Z-wave compatible device. But the device may be connected to the network using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.


You may need an iOS mobile device, an app from FIBARO specially dedicated to Intercom and Fibaro ID account to operate the device. You can set the ID during the configuration. With this device installed in your home network and the app on your smartphone, you can interact with your visitors even when you are not home.

Another advantage is that the visitors can leave video messages and voice messages when they are not able to talk. The video will be recorded in high-definition on a memory card. The device supports night mode and allows you to clearly see the night guests. The infrared LED illuminates the surrounding during the night and ensures perfect visibility.

Apart from monitoring the visitors, the device has subsidiary functions including helping you open the door when you forget the keys. You can do this via Bluetooth by bringing your smartphone closer to the device or using a predefined PIN code. The PIN code entry is a unique feature of Intercom and all you need is to rotate the knob of the Intercom and enter the 4-digit number.

A built-in speaker and microphones help in noise direction and provide excellent sound quality. The timbre recognition of the device allows it to recognize you and will open the doors to the most guarded places only for you.

A tamper detector on the device helps you get informed whenever an attempt to steal the device takes place. The device takes a photo of the intruder and sends it to you by mail. Improper attempts to enter the PIN will also be notified ensuring great safety to your home and the device.

Buy the most intelligent, versatile and smart gatekeeper Fibaro Intercom

Highlights of the product

  • Can integrate the device with the Fibaro network using Ethernet or WiFi
  • Modern-looking and high-gloss
  • Full HD camera and fish-eyed, wide-angle lens
  • IR LED illumination and great night vision
  • Noise reduction using speaker and microphones
  • Two relay outputs to control gates
  • Events are securely recorded and stored in an SD card
  • Can open the doors using PIN code
  • Video doorbell and instant event notification

When you have a Fibaro Smart Home,

you can monitor and control every element of your home from anywhere in the world.

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  • Technical Specification

    Power Supply 12V DC and/or 48V PoE
    DC supply parameters 12V +/- 10%, 1A LPS
    Power consumption up to 5W
    Communication protocols Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX
    Wi-Fi a/b/g/n 2.4/5GHz
    Bluetooth® low energy
    Ethernet cable category CAT-5e
    Recommended minimum
    Internet connection bandwidth
    5 Mbit/s upload speed
    5 Mbit/s download speed
    Operating temperature -30°C – 40°C
    IP protection class IP54
    External dimensions (ring – on-wall part) 85 x 37 mm
    Installation box dimensions (diameter x depth) 65mm x 75mm
    Weight 420g

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