Fibaro KeyFob FGKF-601 ZW5

A compact remote control that can control other devices in the Z-wave plus network

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A built-in locking system prevents unauthorized people from taking control of your home


Modern design with advanced electronic technology to cater to the needs of an intelligent house


Each of the six buttons can be configured for single, double, triple clicks and continued pressure


Smart Home.

Smart Thinking.

Fibaro KeyFob is a name synonymous with home automation as it serves as the most intelligent device that every smart home aspires to get. It is an advanced, Z-wave Plus compatible remote control by which you can control many devices. Z-Wave Plus is a wireless communication protocol popularly used in home automation. The KeyFob’s locking system prevents unauthorized individuals- strangers or guests- from taking control of your home

The battery-powered device is key-tag shaped. The KeyFob has six buttons and each can be configured for single, double, triple clicks and continued pressure, providing the device with 24 possibilities. Additional six sequences can be added by combining pressures on 2 to 5 buttons. You can control many devices or run scenarios using these buttons. A protection device based on a PIN code saves the device from unintentional manipulations. The compact design ensures user comfort to hold it in hand or pocket.

The ergonomic and modern design is perfectly blended with the most advanced technology while designing the KeyFob, making it the smartest and the most beautiful remote control in the world. A built-in locking system helps the system safeguard the house from unauthorized individuals taking control of your house.

With the help of a KeyFob, you can open your garage door, switch on the lights and fans, switch on AC, turn on the TV, etc. as soon as you enter the house. You can control these activities individually, one after another with a single click that triggers a predetermined sequence of action.

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Highlights of the product

  • Serves as a smart remote control
  • Z-wave Plus compatible
  • Through click management, up to 30 actions can be controlled
  • Can lock with the help of PIN code
  • Supports Z-wave security mode
  • Battery-powered and wireless operation
  • Actions are being confirmed by an LED
  • The menu is easily operable

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  • Technical Specification

    Battery type CR2450 3.0V (included)
    Battery life est. 2 years (with default settings and max. 5 pushes per day
    Operational temperature 0 – 40°C
    Radio protocol Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    Radio frequency 868.4, 869.85 MHz EU
    908.4, 916.0 MHz US
    921.4, 919.8 MHz ANZ
    869.0 MHz RU
    EU directives compliance RoHS 2011/65/EU
    RED 2014/53/EU
    Range up to 40m (131 ft)
    (depending on building structure)
    Dimensions (L x W x H) 70 x 38 x 15 mm

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