Fibaro Wall Plug

FGWPE-102 ZW5, FGWPF-102 ZW5 (Schuko),FGWPG-111 ZW5

Most sophisticated, multi-functional, remote-controlled outlet adapter that controls the current load of the appliance connected to it

The extremely compact and beautifully designed Fibaro Wall Plug makes your home exceptionally smart

fibaro-wall-plug-FGWPG-111 ZW5-stebilex-systems

Monitors and controls the power consumption of an electrical installation conveniently and free of maintenance

toaster-using-fibaro-wall-plug-FGWPG-111 ZW5-stebilex-systems

RGB LED string changes color to indicate the variation in the current load of the connected home appliance


Smart Home


Fibaro wall plug is an intelligent socket that can monitor and control the current load of an appliance connected to it. The device sends the instantaneous and the total power consumption to the Z-wave controller.

The visual indicator that is an LED ring around the socket shows a green light when the consumption of the connected home appliance is lower than 2.5kW and showcases red light when the power consumption goes beyond 2.5kW.

The module can also indicate Z-wave network quality by displaying a color index and can act as a wireless repeater to ensure optimal z-wave network coverage. The device can be operated using a service button on its casing or through the Z-wave compatible controllers.

The wall plug is the most compact device of its type with the most advanced features. The basic function is to monitor and control the current load of the appliance which is connected to the wall plug. But it also acts as a Z-wave repeater and an active power consumption meter.

Besides, it alerts whenever there is overload (>2500W) and temperature increment (>55°C). An alarm will function whenever there is load that exceeds the maximum permissible load of 2.5kW and a purple light will indicate if the temperature exceeds 55°C

One of the most aesthetically engineered devices, the casing of the wall plug is polished to an accuracy of 3 nanometers. One needs not have great electrical knowledge to install the device in your home automation system. Just unpack it and plug it and connect any electrical appliance to it.

The built-in plug cover of the product ensures socket safety and protects babies from any accidents. To upgrade you do not need to disconnect it from the socket and connect it with a computer. All you need is to press the update button on the casing of the device.

Children’s addiction to games and TV has long been a headache for parents. Wall plug comes with an innovative solution for this problem. Connect the device to the game console or TV that is used by the children and permanently set the timings when children can access the appliances.

Buy the most intelligent and innovative Fibaro Wall Plugs FGWPE-102 ZW5, FGWPF-102 ZW5 (Schuko), FGWPG-111 ZW5

Highlights of the product

  • Z-wave, Z-wave+ compatible
  • Security: S0, S2
  • Type G sockets and plugs can be used
  • Easy installation and very easy to use
  • Functions as Z-wave signal repeater
  • Tests the Z-wave network quality
  • Remote control and local control is possible
  • Light and other appliances can be ON/OFF controlled
  • It can serve the purpose of a bedside lamp during nights
  • Ensures child safety and helps parents in raising children
  • Wireless updation possible

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  • Technical Specification

    Power supply 230V AC, 50/60Hz
    Rated load (continuous load): Resistive loads: 13A
    Incandescent loads: 8A
    Rated impulse voltage 1.5kV
    Maximum inrush current 80A (20ms)
    To be used with G type sockets BS 1363
    ICE Protection Class Class I
    Operating temperature 0 – 40°C
    Radio protocol Z-Wave (500 series chip)
    Radio frequency 868.4, 868.42 or 869.8 MHz
    Range up to 40m (131 ft)
    (depending on building structure)
    Dimensions (Diameter x Height) 56 x 56 x 58.5mm

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