SL300 by Assa Abloy Sliding door operator

SL 300 Sliding Door by Assa Abloy is an automatic sliding door system that provides style, smoothness, security and hassle free passage at your entrance.

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Enhance your security and safety with this sliding door operator by Assa Abloy.


Constructed from the most durable materials available, the SL300 is a premium door operator that is more than capable of satisfying all the fundamental demands placed on it.

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The quality of Assa abloy’s SL 300 is remarkable as Assa Abloy’s products have acquired the high-quality and safety
certificate from


Switzerland, U.S., Germany, Sweden, and China.

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The guaranteed high performance and certified safety features

of SL 300 Sliding Door by Assa Abloy junks all your doubts and keeps the device smooth and customers happy.

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The tailored approach of the fitting system of Assa abloy’s SL300 is irresistible.

Available in various formats, the sliding door operator by assa abloy targets your individual requirements.

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What is the SL 300 Sliding Door system by Assa Abloy?


SL 300 Sliding Door by Assa Abloy is an automatic sliding door system that provides style, smoothness, security and hassle free passage at your entrance. With a small build, SL300 becomes convenient for installation at a variety of spaces. This Assa Abloy automatic sliding door operator hits the requirements of aesthetics as well as functionality. It has an elegant and sleek design which makes it cosmopolitan and a technology that makes it sturdy and secure. The door has high durability and longevity. 


With an experience of over more than 50 years, Assa Abloy has manufactured SL300 that has acquired high-quality certificates such as LRQA ISO 9001 certificate and obtained the US UL safety certificate, Germany’s TUV certificate, Sweden’s RISE safety certificate, Sweden’s SITAC certificate, the CE certificate test standard, and the Chinese National Research Center of Testing Techniques for Building Materials. 

Due to high precision and smart technology, if any hindrance is detected the doors stop immediately to prevent any mishap. In addition to this, the speed and force of doors are customizable. The embedded technology like microcontrollers for quick computation and reaction, the wheel design and high-performance, and DC-motor for noise reduction offer a low operating sound level.


Additionally, the module design keeps maintenance costs to a minimum and facilitates simple troubleshooting. The latest technology featured by Assa abloy’s SL 300 include automatic “Push & Go”, double closed-loop monitoring for maximum safety, and high precision encoder for accurate control.

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What are your requirements?


SL 300 Sliding Door system by Assa Abloy is a versatile automatic door system that serves the individual needs of users in following ways:

  • An operator only version, optimized in size to fit a wide range of installation sites.
  • An assembly kit that allows for easy shipment to you or any end-user and convenient self-assembly on-site.
  • A full solution including the operator, frame and glass designed for the specific usage, easy installation on-site and an ongoing service and maintenance contract with the ASSA ABLOY service solutions.
Download Assa Abloy SL300 Sliding door operator Data Sheet
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Why you should choose

SL 300 Sliding Door system by Assa Abloy


  • Robust and Reliable
  • High performance and accuracy
  • Safe and sound
  • Easy installation and assembly
  • Noise-free
  • Elegant and sleek design

Get your tailored share of security with ASSA ABLOY SL 300

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