FAAC A1400 AIR Sliding Door Automation System (105037PA, 105039PA)

The FAAC A1400 AIR-series door automation systems are designed to meet European EN 16005 standard. A1400 AIR is an innovative and energy-efficient device providing a passage of maximum 3000mm and accurate detection on either side of the door. The A1400 AIR automates most available sliding doors including FAAC AIRSLIDE.

Key Features

  • Identifies the walking path and perfectly optimises opening/closing
  • Innovative “Energy Saving” device
  • Adjustable speed and opening and closing times

The FAAC A1400 AIR SERIES automation system automates entrances and meets the most stringent safety requirements of EN 13489-1 Pl “c”. It is an innovative ‘energy savings’ device optimising opening/closing times to avoid air dispersion to provide a safe indoor environment. The A1400 AIR system allows you to adjust the opening and closing positions, selection of ideal speed, acceleration and deceleration. The highly reliable A1400 AIR offers 2,000,000 opening and closing cycles and offers variable passage width ranging from – 700 – 3,000mm with the standard version, 1100 – 4,000mm with telescopic version, and 800 – 3,000 mm with DM version.

The A1400 AIR system supports the operation of doors with 65 mm Maximum leaf width and partial opening function from 5% to 95%. The A1400 Automation system is the best solution for technicians who wish to save assembly time and provides users with a product that is personalised, ecological, reliable, safe, technologically, and cost-effective. Order FAAC A1400 AIR by FAAC from Stebilex Systems for best prices and quickest delivery.

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Product details

Brands FAAC
A1400 A single leave 105037PA
A1400 A double leave 105039PA

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