Access control solutions to improve convenience yet control movement in your facilities in Bawshar, Oman Region from world-leading brands

Are you looking to buy door access control solutions for your facilities in Bawshar, Oman?

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Simple, sophisticated, and smart access control solution for authorising entry

Stebilex Systems brings the most innovative and smart access control technologies to from world-leading manufacturers. We provide access control products capable of providing efficient entry management at business premises.

Our range of access control solutions includes complex web and IP based readers and controllers for large facilities and simple stand-alone access control readers for a single door. The solutions are ideal for both small offices and multisite business facilities and support reading of traditional card/fob & readers to cloud-based mobile and biometric authentication.


In addition to these, our diverse range of door locks such as Electromagnetic locks, Electric Strikes, Dropbolts, Shear Locks, Access Control Power Supplies, Exit Buttons, and Key Switches are interoperability with IP based access control systems enabling simplicity in access control management.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for access control locks, readers, controllers and credentials in the region with distribution across UAE, KSA, Qatar, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt, Jordan and other countries.

Combining Control and Convenience with

Access Control Systems

Our access control readers, controllers and credentials offer the much-needed convenience and security for modern and digitally powered offices. Our access control range also includes completely contactless access solutions from Paxton with proximity readers, controllers and credentials.

Most of our solutions are integrable with third-party applications, biometrics and configurable with many access management platforms.

Access Control


Access Cards
and Tokens

Access Control

Door Access Control with Reliable Digital Door Locks

Our door locks come in varied forms and are suitable for application on glass doors and other materials. Our shear locks and drop bolts from GEM offer operability with many access control systems. Order convenient door unlocking products from us to receive delivery anywhere in the Bawshar, Oman.


Exit Buttons
& Call Points

Shear Locks
& DropBolts


Paxton - the stebilex partner
  • All Paxton products come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty
  • Over 20 years of expertise in easy to install solutions, made in the UK
  • Paxton supplies management software with access control products
HID - the stebilex partner
  • HID has achieved SOC2 registration under AICPA Trust Services Criteria
  • HID has ISO 9001 registration for design, manufacture, sales, and distribution process
  • Most HID products are easy to integrate into third-party or existing access control systems
GEM Company Logo
  • GEM specialised in manufacturing of electromagnetic locks and access control hardware
  • GEM is an ISO9001 standard certification and has over 20 patents in its name
  • Over 25 years of experience in manufacturing electronic and electromagnetic locks


Our product ranges from leading brands, protect perimeters and control access points of critical infrastructure & public places.




Business Centres






Data centres

hid access hospital 18



Schools and Universities

Access control readers, controllers and credentials by leading brands from Stebilex in GCC

Access Control Readers

Our next-generation access control readers offer a multi-technology credential reading from traditional cards to proximity cards, as well as smartphone & Bluetooth credentials. We offer an extensive selection of access control and identity authentication readers that is ideal for today’s digitally powered offices in Bawshar, Oman. Our access control readers come from leading brands like Paxton Access, HID, GEM Gianni.

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Access Controllers

Stebilex systems offer access controllers from leading manufacturers and are ideal for application in various access control functions. Controllers remain at the centre of the access control system allowing the administrator to set the permissions and interconnects readers and door locks to allow/disallow u blocking, they also offer additional functionalities like alarm and data gathering and time & attendance. Access controllers available in the Bawshar, Oman are suitable for varied applications and can be integrated with multiple devices including card readers, biometric devices, locks and push buttons, and much more.

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Access Cards and Tokens

Access cards or credentials come in various forms be it prox cards, swipe cards, and fobs or Bluetooth credential, they and feature individual technologies like magnetic strip, RFID, and NFC etc. Access cards and credentials efficiently and securely grant or restrict access. We offer magnetic, proximity and ISO cards from Paxton and HID for great prices in Bawshar, Oman.

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Access Control Softwares

Our end-to-end access control solutions also come with management software from respective manufacturers. Stebilex Systems offers the most advanced security software that enables both on-site and remote management of access control and time & attendance functionalities for any facility big or small. They integrate the most advanced security technologies including access control, video surveillance, and time management into one platform.

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Buy door access control solutions by leading brands in the and other countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Jordan and Egypt from Stebilex

Electromagnetic Shear Locks

Available in mortise mount or low profile surface mount options, the electromagnetic shear locks offered by Stebilex feature superior hold force with advanced features including auto sensed voltage and auto relocking etc. The electromagnetic locks can be interoperable with most of the access control systems. We supply premium high-quality shear locks from GEM Gianni in the Bawshar, Oman.

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Exit Buttons & Call Points

Typically located with fire escape systems, call points are used to override the electrical locking to unlock doors in case of emergency while exit buttons are used on doors with a request to exit function within an access control system for doors or gates. We supply exit buttons and call points from leading manufacturers, including Paxton and GEM Gianni.

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Electric Strikes

Designed for swinging doors the electric strikes offered by Stebilex ideal for doors that require automatic locking at your facility. They are built with stainless steel to ensure strength and long life.

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Most of our products offer end-to-end solutions required for door access management

Allows to monitor when and where people access doors, as well as offers time and attendance functionality

Keyless convenience unlocking, easy interoperability with access control systems

  • Works with Paxton10, Net2 & standalone
  • Clear user interface on a 4.3” capacitive touch screen
  • IP and PoE technology for easy expansion
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  • Features a built-in TCP/IP converter
  • Different control units can be mixed on a site
  • FLASH memory allows easy upgrades
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  • P50 is a stand-alone single door access control reader supplied with black or white fascia
  • Used with Net2 and Switch2 access controllers the P50 is a contactless reader
  • Excellent read-range of 100mm with proximity cards
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  • Paxton Net 2 Proximity ISO Card is a highly efficient access control token from Paxton
  • The Paxton Net 2 Proximity ISO Cards are also easy to program
  • Uses Hitag2 technology with a proprietary encoding system
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  • E50 is compatible with compact Switch2 or Net2 systems
  • The E50 button uses touch-sensitive lenses for door opening
  • Paxton offers a range of aesthetic and robust exit buttons
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  • Mobile Access leverages smartphone technology to easy to deploy, and simple to manage access control
  • The contactless credential offers “Tap” mode, or “Twist and Go” mode
  • The Bluetooth enabled technology allows access to facilities by connecting devices to readers from a distance
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  • FARGO HDP6600 card printer and encoder save material costs and lamination cost
  • It has application in access control, Time & Attendance, cashless vending and much more
  • The printer produces high resolution 600 dpi printing capability for superior text and image quality
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  • RB25F offers two-factor authentication with biometric and proximity reading for access control
  • The system allows enrollment of 10 fingerprints per person
  • The biometric device matches fingerprints in less than a second in both indoors and outdoor environments
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  • Bluetooth proximity access control readers offer reading range up to 50 metres
  • Easiprox Slim+ has LED and built-in buzzer to indicate the status of access authorisation
  • Easyprox proximity reader supports reading of various 125KHz frequency cards
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  • GEM Gianni’s Barrier-Free Entrance Solution with AD500 automatic door operator offers
  • Eliminates cross-contamination and reduce the risk of germs spreading with safety sensors
  • It is ideal for various facilities including sports centres, public libraries, parks, schools and large buildings
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  • Electromagnetic shear locks are completely concealed device opening swing door wings up to 180 degrees
  • The electromagnet holds the door secured and is ideal for installation on top of the door
  • The lock magnetises when the door is 2-3mm away
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Where can I buy Paxton controllers and readers in Bawshar, Oman?

We are an approved supplier of Paxton products, you can buy Paxton’s range of access readers, Net2 and Switch2 controllers and other solutions from us in the region. We also supply door access control solutions form leading brands like HID and GEM. we deliver to anywhere in the Bawshar, Oman through our local offices in Dubai and Doha, Qatar.

How about the guarantee and after-sale service?

Most of the products we supply come with manufacturer warranty.

How long does it take for the delivery?

Most of our products are sourced from manufacturers, and we promise you same day response to your request and quickest delivery thereafter.