With a sustainable growth of 49% annual growth rate over the last decade, solar energy is booming all over the world and being used in a wide range of applications, primarily in access control and security sectors. With time, innovators are designing and building gate barrier systems that can run on solar energy and save on electricity costs in the long term. This is indeed an intelligent idea.

Integrating your gate barrier system with solar solutions is a brilliant way of harnessing solar energy and operating your gate in the most efficient and economical way. It is equally useful when you are based in a remote location where finding a constant energy source is not a cake-walk.

In this article, we will be discussing different types of solar solutions that can work together to become a reliable energy source for your gate barrier system.

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What are Solar Solutions?


By definition, solar solutions are a group of intelligent software programs and hardware devices that operate together to generate electricity for your appliances, home, or security systems.

They are ideal for locations where electricity costs are high and no continuous and reliable power source is present. Adding further, solar solutions also help in reducing carbon footprint and very environment friendly.

Different Solar Solutions for Gate Barrier Systems


The components of solar solutions change from purpose to purpose and can be modified according to the complexity of the application.

Adhering to the topic of our article, four solar solutions are available for providing power to the gate barrier systems. They are the following:


The rise of solar energy has given birth to another magnificent invention: solar batteries. They work by receiving and storing excess energy from the solar panels for future use when the sun is not around or the weather is not quite well. Adding further they are 100% safe, reliable sources of energy and economical solar solution.

Editor’s Note: While setting up a solar battery for your gate barrier system, select a location away from potential fire, chemical explosions and conduct regular checks to ensure no chemical or gas is leaking from the battery and all wires are well-connected.

Solar Panel

A solar panel is a group of photovoltaic cells arranged in a series pattern. These cells are made from a semiconducting material that collects the sun’s energy and converts it into direct electricity. Depending on the cells type and efficiency, solar panels are of three types:

  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel – has black cells, high efficiency, and costs
  • Polycrystalline Solar Panel – comes with blue cells, moderate efficiency, and costs
  • Thin-film Solar Panel – comparatively low-efficiency and costs

Based on budget, location, and power requirements for your gate barrier system, you can install any of the three solar panels.


The third most critical part of a solar system is the inverter. Its role is to receive the direct current from the solar panel and convert it into alternating current to power your appliances, security devices, and gate barrier systems. It is of four types:

  • Off-grid inverter: ideal for remote locations
  • Grid-tie inverter: attached directly to the electricity grid
  • Battery backup inverter: great for storing power for future use
  • Microinverters: modern and compact solution with great portability

In simple terms, an inverter is responsible for inverting direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC), so your gate barrier system can utilize this energy and function properly.

Editor’s Note: Off-grid inverters are ideal for powering security and gate barrier systems in remote locations, where electricity is not easily available. Make sure to buy the product from a trusted and reliable brand that offers a great service.

Solar Controller

A solar controller regulates the current and voltage coming to the battery from the solar panels to prevent overcharging and overvoltage. It is installed to reduce potential safety risks and maintain the health of the battery. This device also helps in lighting control and offers reverse current protection.

Based on the configuration, features, complexity, and costs solar controllers are of two types- Pulse Width Modulation & Maximum Power Point Tracking solar controllers. Including a solar controller in your gate barrier system is a good safety practice.

Editor’s Note:You don’t always need a solar charge controller if your solar panel produces 2 watts of energy for each 50 battery amp-hours. If your gate barrier system uses more than that, it is wise to get one!

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Summing up, integrating solar solutions in a gate barrier system is a sustainable way of reducing energy costs, carbon footprint, and associated pollution risks.

It is an even better solution if your facility is based in a remote location where electricity is not present. To learn more about solar solutions, we recommend you contact Stebilex System’s experienced product experts here.

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