Centurion D10 and Centurion D10 Turbo are one of the fastest and reliable industrial sliding gate operators in the industry. Backed by intelligent technologies and out-of-the-world build quality, they efficiently automate the gate operation and assists in securing the facility.

Selecting one among Centurion D10 and Centurion D10 Turbo sliding gate motor can be challenging for new entrepreneurs due to the resembling specs and features. To help you in the process, we created this comprehensive comparison guide, where we will give a review of each product in brief and line up the differences. Keep reading this guide to learn more.

Centurion D10 Sliding Gate Operator: Features & Review

Centurion D10 is a powerful and fast industrial sliding gate motor with remarkable capabilities. It can move up to 1000 kg heavy-duty gates at a commendable speed range of 22-26 m/min. The operator is easy to set up, operate and comes with a battery-driven, high-torque 24V DC motor that works efficiently to ensure smooth, gate automation and operation.
Here are some of its incredible features:


Reliable Battery Backup

The D10 Sliding Gate Operator comes with a 24V battery and ensures uninterrupted operation of the gate during power outages, failures, and other relevant electricity problems.

Intelligent Position Control

Don’t worry if any vehicle or employee accidentally comes in the way while the gate is being opened and closed by the operator. Centurion D10 is intelligent enough to detect objects and people in its way and reverse its direction for better safety and security.

Equipped with Intelligent LCD Controller

The Centurion D10 features a smart LCD controller that allows you to configure different settings and change functions according to your security needs. Plus, it comes with a monitoring diagnostic info feature, that displays if there is any problem with the sliding gate operator.

Contemporary Design

Along with brilliant and helpful features, the D10 sliding gate operator also showcases a modern design that will add elegance to your facility’s entrance.


  • Easy to set up and convenient to use
  • Perfect for securing industrial facilities
  • User-friendly LCD-screen based controller

Centurion D10 Turbo Sliding Gate Operator: Features & Review

D10 Turbo is Centurion’s fastest sliding gate operator capable of moving gates weighing between 240kg and 1000kg at a remarkable speed of 40-50m/min. Along with being fast, it is reliable, intelligent and offers a flexible installation experience to users.
Here are some of its remarkable features, we liked the most:


Intelligent Automatic Setup

The Centurion D10 comes equipped with an intelligent LCD-based controller. It allows you to set up the sliding gate operator easily and manually edit different settings/functions according to your security needs. It is just as convenient as setting up a new smartwatch.

Comes with Multiple Operating Modes

To provide better convenience and security, the Centurion D10 Turbo sliding gate motor features multiple modes of operation. These include standard mode, multi-user mode, reversing mode, PLC mode, deadman control mode, and holiday lockout mode.

Backed with World’s First Chronoguard Timer Technology

Centurion integrated the sliding gate operator with the brilliant Chronoguard Timer Technology with a core purpose of making the operation and maintenance process fast and reliable. It helps you automate certain features and settings of the device according to specific time periods.

Allows The Gate To Open in Both Directions

The rapid acceleration and deacceleration capability enable the D10 Turbo operator to open the gate in both directions, in a smooth and fast way.


  • Fast, secure, and reliable sliding gate operator
  • Easy to integrate with different accessories like transmitters, remote controls for wireless operation
  • 50m/min gate speed
sliding gate operator uae
Specification D10 Sliding Gate D10 Turbo Sliding Gate
Input voltage 90V-240V AC 90V-240V AC
Motor voltage 24V DC 24V DC
Motor power supply Battery-driven
– 1.8A charger
– 1.8A charger
Gate mass – max 1000kg 240kg1000kg
Push force – rated 30kgf 15kgf
Gate speed at push
force <5kgf
26m/min 50m/min
Gate speed at push
Duty cycle
Maximum daily
750 cycles/day 750 cycles/day
Design life 250 000 cycles 250 000 cycles
Drive Pinion 17T Module 4 20T Module 4
Collision sensing Electronic Electronic
Degree of protection IP54 IP54
Gate speed – mm/sec 367 – 433mm/sec 717 – 850mm/sec

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Comparing and reviewing both sliding gate operators from Centurion we can conclude that D10 Turbo offers fast gate operation speed and comes with an advanced drive pinion module. It is an ideal choice for sites where speed is a priority. Rest all specs and features of Centurion D10 and Centurion D10 Turbo are the same and offer a similar value to the users.

Thanks for reading, we hope our comparison guide was helpful to you in deciding the right sliding gate operator model. If you still have some questions regarding the topic, feel free to contact Stebilex Systems today and our product experts will guide you throughout the buying journey

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