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Centurion Systems, a part of FAAC group from 2016, designs innovative products to upgrade existing models and develop tools and jigs for fast and efficient gate, shutters and door automation systems.

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About Centurion


The company has a range of products to control the access of people and vehicles at residential, commercial and industrial facilities. The company is ISO 9001:2015 certified and offers the best quality products that require very less maintenance and offer efficient operation.

The company’s products are currently exported to over 70 countries worldwide and it is one of the most favourite brands in the world for gate automation and access control.

Stebilex Systems is a leading supplier for Centurion Systems products and solutions in the Umm Al Quwain, UAE with local facilities in Dubai, UAE and Doha, Qatar. You can order Centurion and FAAC solutions at great prices from us, talk to our product experts today.

Solutions From Centurion

Sliding Gate Motors

Centurion offers a range of sliding gate motors that provide the ultimate security and convenience for users. The brand offers sliding gate motors for light use residential gates as well as the lightning-fast high-speed industrial sliding gate motors that can move a gate weighing up to 1000kg.


D2 Turbo, D5 EVO, D10, D10 Turbo, A10

Swing Gate Motors

Centurion’s gate operators perform the absolute best, most of them come with battery backup, quick and easy installation features. The company’s operators are strong and can lift gates up to 4m wide, per leaf. They come with grade 304 stainless steel worm shafts for the ultimate in reliability and durability. They also feature sophisticated electronics for smooth, safe operation.


Vantage, VERT-X, R3 & R5

Garage Door Operators

With quiet operation and movement, garage door operators for both tilt-up and sectional doors, Centurion products offer anti-crushing controls, battery backup and flexibility to switch between door types. The garage doors by Centurion also come with Holiday Lockout Mode that offers higher security by electronically locking your garage.



Industrial Roller Shutter Operator

Equipped with a heavy-duty electric motor. Industrial shutter operators from Centurion come with a powerful gearbox and maximum lifting force. A three-button wall pendant allows the operator to not only open and close the door but also safely stop it in case of an emergency. They are fail-safe and easy to install.



Traffic Barriers & Accessories

Centurion also offers several automatic efficient access vehicle barriers offering access management and superior security for both residential and commercial facilities. The boom barriers and road blockers come up with additional accessories, vehicle detection and proximity access control.



Access Control Systems

Centurion also supplies innovative access control solutions including remote controls and keypads, biometric and proximity access control solutions, which feature patented fake finger detection technology.


With CENTSYS’s range of GSM products, you can control up to two electrical devices via the G-REMOTE mobile app inside the home in addition to your gates from anywhere you are.




Centurion’s proximity access control systems are scalable and RFID enabled, allowing easy access management and monitoring.




Available in both wired and wireless models, Centurion offers keypads with user-defined pass keys with upto 10 digits for enhanced security.



Remotes & Receivers

Ideal for access at both residential and commercial properties Centurion radio receivers incorporating secure code-hopping technology. Most of the recent receivers support backward compatibility with the NOVA range of transmitters, meaning that there is no need to purchase additional equipment



Door Automation

With stunning aesthetics, quiet operation and innovative technology, CENTURION door automation solutions deliver futuristic functionality, and long operational life thanks to the use of the finest quality electrical, and mechanical components, with certain models rated for up to 2 million maintenance-free cycles.

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