Centurion CLAWS- High Security Roadway Spikes

An effective deterrent for high-volume traffic control, CLAWS by Centurion are available in four different configurations. CLAWS Surface Mount models – For installations that are mounted above the roadway surface. They come as Flush Mount and surface mount models and are available in Direct Drive or independent drive options.

Key Features

  • Robust construction built to withstand impacts from vehicles.
  • External limit switches provide a failsafe operation.
  • Variable models and adjustable speed

The Flush Mount models are ideal for installations that require seamless traffic control for smooth-flowing traffic, whereas the Surface Mount models are mounted above the general surface of the roadway and create a traffic calming bump. All four variants of Centurion CLAWS come feature modular construction, High-torque DC motor, battery backup, and fail-safe operation with external switches.

The direct-drive operated models come in 1 Metre and 1.5 Metre blocks to make up the total length of the spike system required. They are made of anti-corrosion galvanised dipped mild steel and the lowering and rising speed of spikes can be adjusted to meet installation requirements. Meanwhile, the independent drive model features the fastest rising and lowering speed at 1.2 seconds and onboard receiver supporting CENTSYS code-hopping, multichannel, 433MHz, with 500 remote control button storage capacity. Buy Centurion Claws from Stebilex Systems for our projects, talk to our product team today.

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