Why Biometric Tablets?

Before we dive into Idemia’s Morphotablets let’s try to understand why would an organization need biometric tablets.


Imagine a bank trying to send a brand new credit card to an applicant. The bank sends the credit card via a courier service to the respective credit card applicant. The courier person is supposed to authenticate the receiver before he hands over the physical card to make sure it is reaching the right person.


In the olden days, the courier person shall get the physical copy of the ID card(s), then perform a manual name or ID number match and get a signature. This process is error-prone and cumbersome. Bank’s real-time visibility to the entire process is minimum and the process is still prone to fraud.


The new and better way is where the bank equips the courier company with a biometrics tablet plus a pre-installed custom software solution. The custom software is programmed to read and compare the national ID card and biometrics of the receiver with the respective applicant’s details. This can happen in real-time. This facilitates the centralized management of credit card distribution.


A biometrics tablet as the name implies offers all the facilities of a tablet coupled with biometric reading capabilities. Compared to specialty biometrics hardware(like MSO 1350 or Morpho Sigma), the tablet includes a popular operating system(Windows or Android or Apple IOS). The programming capability provided by every operating system facilitates applications to be built with internal and external APIs. The common biometrics featured in such tablets are a face, fingerprint and iris recognition. 


The biometric tablets bring security technology to the masses with the help of biometrics and mobility. To make it a true business tablet, other value-added technologies like signature capture, GPS, 4G, contact or contactless smart card readers are integrated to these tablets, depends on the manufacturer.


The above use case is implemented by a major bank in Dubai and across UAE with great success. More and more banks and other instituations are keen to implement similar strategies.

MorphoTablets: MorphoTablets 2, MorphoTablet 2s and Morpho Tablets 2i

Morpho Tablets by IDEMIA, extend the potential of biometrics solutions for mobile enrolment, authentication, and identification with multiple-biometric credentialing. The Idemia MorphoTablet 2  is equipped with Fingerprint & Face, while the newly introduced Idemia MorphoTablet 2i includes Face, Fingerprint and Iris recognition. Idemia MorphoTablet 2s is the latest version of Idemia MorphoTablet 2.

MorphoTablet 2/ MorphoTablet 2s
MorphoTablet 2i
8” touchscreen tablet with incorporated FBI PIV IQS and STQC certified optical fingerprint sensor
13 MP camera with dual-LED for face capture, 1D/2D barcode, and MRZ reading
Contact smart card reader
Contactless smart card and e-passport reader
Signature capture
Embedded security features
4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth
2MP infrared camera with dual infrared LED for iris capture
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 Quad-Core, 1.2 GHz
Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 410 Quad-Core, 1.2 GHz
Internal memory
2GB RAM, 16GB Flash
2GB RAM, 16GB Flash

MorphoTablet Use Cases

According to the manufacturer, the common use cases for Idemia Morpho Tablets are:

    • REGISTRATION – On-site capture of citizens’ data to build a civil registry, electoral database, etc.
    • ELECTIONS – Voters’ authentication to check his/her presence in the list of electors and ensure one single vote per person.
    • ID DOCUMENT ISSUANCE – Citizen’s authentication to issue or renew his/her e-documents.
    • e-KYC – Customer identity verification for digital onboarding (mobile phone subscription, bank account opening, etc.)
    • TIME & ATTENDANCE – Paperless clock in/out in temporary/ moving environments (construction site, company shuttle bus, etc.)
    • ACCESS CONTROL – Employees’ ID checks by mobile security staff (e.g. within the secure areas of an airport)
    • BORDER CONTROL – ID document check (ID card, visa, e-passport) by comparison of data in the document with the holder’s live capture.
    • CRIMINAL IDENTIFICATION – Remote 1:N search via an AFIS/ABIS On-device 1:N search against a local watch list.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What are the main features of MorphoTablet 2 and MorphoTablet 2i?

The Idemia MorphoTablet 2 version is equipped with Fingerprint & Face, while the newly introduced Idemia MorphoTablet 2i includes Face, Fingerprint and Iris recognition.

What additional feature is present in MorphoTablet 2i?

Iris Recognition (enabled by the 2MP infrared camera with dual infrared LED).

What is MorphoTablet 2s?

MorphoTablet 2s is the latest version of MorphoTablet 2.

Is smart card reader feature available?

Yes, both contact and contactless smart card readers are available.

What is the suggested way to protect the MorphoTablet?

An ergonomic protective sleeve is available to order.

Is there a SDK available for application development?

Android SDK with dedicated APIs for fingerprint sensor, contact/contactless readers, etc. is available for integrators to build custom applications.

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MorphoTablet Performance Highlights

Enrollment in 5 seconds | Authentication in 1 second

Major Difference Between MorphoTablet 2(2s) and Morpho Tablet 2i

In Summary, the major difference between MorphoTablet 2(2s) and Morpho Tablet 2i is the introduction of the Iris Capture feature.

Quick Guide to Morpho Tablet 2 and Morpho Tablet 2i
MorphoTablet 2 vs MorphoTablet 2i comparison

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