Proximity cards and readers

Proximity cards and readers utilise wireless technologies like RFID, Bluetooth, and NFC to interact wirelessly in an access control system. Proximity cards are read by card readers automatically when they get in the read-range. Thus triggering door unlocking. Most of the Proximity cards operate on 125 kHz frequency.

At the centre of proximity access control system is Proximity Reader and Proximity Card. proximity cards encoded with electronic codes on printable PVC cards, clamshell cards, key fobs or tokens. Proximity reader can be a stand-alone system that acts as a reader & controller or connected to a comprehensive access control system.

NFC, Bluetooth and RFID

Mostly used in supply chain applications, RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is the wireless technology supports one-way communication. And is utilised in the barcode reading system.

Bluetooth is primarily designed to replace data cables and supports two-way communication within a range of about 10 meters.

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, like RFID, reads special tags but has wider applications. It also supports two-way communication, like Bluetooth. NFC works within a close range of a couple of inches. NFC enables a handheld device act as a contactless smart card and can be used for access control.

Bluetooth NFC

Why Proximity System

Proximity readers and cards are programmable, easy to use and affordable. They are widely used in hotels, large office buildings, schools/universities, hospitals, and other commercial buildings.

Paxton Proximity Readers and Credentials

The proximity readers are RFID devices that offer the convenience of contactless authentication for any system users. The Paxton P Series Proximity readers are designed for use with Switch2 and Net2 systems. This easy-to-install series boasts a read range of up to 100mm and a low profile (16mm depth). The popular series of proximity readers are available in a range of sizes and finishes to suit a wide variety of applications.

Some of the advantages of the P Series readers include

Easy Operation

Since proximity systems use radio waves employees or visitors do not need to physically tap the cards, making them fail-proof in registering attendance. Paxton’s range of proximity cards and readers add convenience and ease of access around the facility.

Access Tracking

Because a person carries a proximity card around the facility, the access system records their movements. Paxton proximity systems allow you to segregate access zones with coloured areas, thus preventing unwanted entry to critical areas. For ag; the Net2 system registers attendance and keeps time-sheet.


With certain equipment, you are able to program and reprogram an existing proximity card with new security requirements.

Paxton Proximity Readers

The following readers can be used together with the Paxton Access Net2 range and Switch2 range of door controllers

Paxton Net2 Vs Switch2 Access Control Systems


Paxton Net2

Net2 is a complete access control system from Paxton that consists of a range of IP, battery-powered, wireless or wired door controllers and an easy to use software. The system offers centralised administration and control of sites and thousands of doors with up to 50,000 users. The system can be tailored to suit both small and multi-location facilities with its browser-based access control manager.


Paxton Switch2

Switch2 is a simple, flexible standalone access control system designed for a maximum of 2 doors. The system can consist of one controller, two readers and support up to 10,000 users per system. It does not need a PC for administration. It is ideal for external doors and small sites that do not need the extra functionality of the networked system.



Most proximity readers in Paxton’s P series range have a 100mm read-range with proximity cards. They are small and sleek in size and easy to install with only needing 16mm surface depth.

The Proximity P38, P50, P75 readers are connected to the Paxton Access control system. The readers are used with Switch2 and Net2 systems and read125kHz proximity tokens. While offering the same capabilities Paxton’s Proximity Keypad readers KP50 and KP75 offer an extra layer of security with PIN (or code) access control on a single reader.

Compact PROXIMITY Readers

The compact P38, P50, P75 and P75 Screw connector proximity readers are RFID devices that offer the convenience of contactless authentication for system users. All compacts are standalone, meaning that they do not use a PC in their set up. The Compact products are a control unit and reader in one; they are great for lower security internal and external doors that need to have restricted access

Product P38 P50 P75 Compact P38 Compact P50 Compact P75 KP50 KP75
Token Compatibility Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox Paxton, EM HID® Prox
Operation Stand-alone/networked Stand-alone/networked Stand-alone/networked Stand-alone Stand-alone Stand-alone Stand-alone/networked Stand-alone/networked
Read-range 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm 100mm
Operating Voltage 11V – 14V DC 11V – 14V DC 11V – 14V DC 11V – 14V DC 11V – 14V DC 11V – 14V DC 10V – 14V DC 10V – 14V DC

Paxton PROXIMITY Credentials

Proximity credentialing is very convenient and do not require the precision of action, for eg. you wouldn’t have to swipe a card or hold it in a particular position. A range of tokens is available with Paxton to give specific advantages according to the application.

Types of PROXIMITY token

  • Keyfobs – keyfobs are easy to carry compact credentials, that can be looped onto a ring with car keys or other keys. Paxton Proximity keyfobs function exactly as the Proximity cards and come in different colours for different areas of application.
  • Cards – Cards are the most commonly used credentials. Paxton’s line of proximity cards include PROXIMITY cards and (Amber, Green, Red)
  • ISO cards – Paxton ISO cards can be printed on via desktop to produce ID cards for access control. They come with a magnetic stripe enabling suitability for payment and access control applications.

Paxton Proximity cards and tokens

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